Nets star Kevin Durant drops scathing insult on “Childish” Sixers fans in strong defense of teammate Ben Simmons

Kevin Durant suggests hysterical math that his new teammate should think of to cope with the Philly fans.

Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant
Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant

We all know that Kevin Durant has faced a lot of upset crowds in his career when he decided to leave the OKC thunders and join the Golden State Warriors after losing to them in the 2016 NBA playoffs. Surely the Thunders fans were distressed by his action and kept booing him whenever the Warriors were matched up with the Thunder, but he didn’t let those get into his mind and went on to win two back-to-back NBA championships.

Now, Ben Simmons will face the same situation in his career where the Philly crowd is ready to make him embarrass, but KD has a small message for his new teammate so that he doesn’t lose his morale and move on from this phase of his career.

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Kevin Durant suggests hysterical math that his new teammate should think of to cope with the Philly fans

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Kevin Durant

On 10th March, the Nets will face the 76ers at their home and it will become a difficult situation for Ben Simmons because it’s his first return to Wells Fargo Center after he got traded last month although he will not play in the game it is expected that he will support his new team from the bench and surely feel the disgraceful pressure from the Philly fans.

After the spectacular win against the Hornets, Kevin Durant came in front of the media to answer their question and when he was asked by a reporter on the ‘firestorm’ he faced from OKC fans when he joined the Warriors.

Durant said, “It was a different situation because I got to play and shut the people up every time, I hit a jump shot. And when we win it was good. But Ben doesn’t have that opportunity right now. He’s got to sit there and just take a bunch of people being childish.”

Later KD added, “That’s the profession we in. Guy’s making 40 million dollars a year. You could take that for 48, for a couple of hours, you know, and I’m sure Ben has that approach.”

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Ben Simmons hyped up for James Johnson
Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons

Although KD has got Ben Simmons back, it will be tough for him and even for the whole Nets team as they are going to face the new destructive duo of Harden and Embiid. Let’s see how the Nets perform against their old teammate who is unstoppable in the Sixers campaign, after their recent comeback.

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