“If Bron says ‘let’s go back’” $14 Million WWE superstar feels LeBron James’ return to Cavs can make team fight for a championship

WWE superstar A-Lister The Miz sees a bright future for the young rising Cleveland Cavaliers team if LeBron James decides to play with them before retirement.

The Miz and LeBron James
The Miz and LeBron James
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LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers have a very special bond. The Akron-born star got his first chance into the NBA with the Cavs, and he did play most of his career over there trying to bring the franchise to glory. He did it once, winning the 2016 NBA championship for them, and even helped them dominate the East with 5 conference titles. James is by far the best thing that happened to Cleveland Cavaliers and they are preparing for his possible return if LBJ chooses free agency in 2024. Among those anticipating King James’ return is WWE superstar The Miz.

Kendrick Perkins and Lebron James in Cleveland
Kendrick Perkins and Lebron James in Cleveland

There have been recent reports about the LA Lakers and James’ contract extension. The Los Angeles franchise had an abysmal 2021-22 season, speculating “title-chasing” LeBron to seek a move away from them, but it seems he’s considering returning for another two years. Still, there is a whole 2023 season to go by, and the Cavs – in that case, many other franchises also would be preparing themselves for the slightest of chances of adding LeBron to their roster.

Can LeBron James win another title with Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James had delivered the title in every franchise he played for. He did it with Miami, Cleveland, and the Lakers. But the title win at Cleveland was very special for him – though it was not his 1st one. LeBron and Co. came back from 1-3 deficits to claim the title against the strong and reigning champion Golden State Warriors. It was Cleveland’s 1st major trophy in any sport, giving special meaning to the same.

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While this time around, his return would instantly turn the Cleveland Cavaliers into one of the Eastern Conference title favorites. One of the most hopeful fans is WWE’s The Miz. Like James, The Miz is from Ohio, and he thinks James might see the Cavs’ rising young stars as an invitation to return. The Miz thinks James might see the Cavs’ rising young stars as an invitation to return. Now, James holds the key to how and where he will end his career.

Here is what he has to say to lure NBA Megastar back to Cleveland, For him to come back and bring another championship with that crop of talent that the Cavs have … I honestly believe we’re going to the playoffs,” The Miz said. “I don’t think we have enough yet to win the playoffs. But I think, then, in another year, LeBron says, ‘You know what? Let’s go back.'”

During the 2021-22 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers were a huge surprise. They finished 44-38 and finished eighth in the East. But J. B. Bickerstaff’s young team lost to the Atlanta Hawks during the play-in tournament. It would be due to a lack of experience and a leader in the roster. They have Kevin Love with them, but James’ impact couldn’t be matched.   

Right now, the Cavs roster has an amazing young group that had shown a hunger to improve and win games. They even can cover for each other’s lapses. Darius Garland, Caris LeVert, and Evan Mobley are their new trio, capable of stepping up and are comfortable sharing the ball with others. However, LeBron’s guidance, vision, and mentoring would give a huge boost to their young stars and may see a massive leap in their performances too. 4-time champion LBJ can also have some breather, playing alongside a young crop of players, he can choose his time to impact the game in a better way.  

Cleveland fans were pleased with the rebuild. It was the first time that the Cavs had a winning season since LeBron James left in 2018. Their faith in homegrown talent and recent low-key trades to acquire talented players finally paid off. And the Miz thinks James might see the Cavs’ progress as an invitation to return. Now, James holds the key to how and where he will end his career.

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