Colin Cowherd believes LeBron James’ meeting with Darvin Ham and Rob Pelinka was a “wake-up call” for Russell Westbrook

LeBron James holds meet with Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka to discuss his future and even current seasons’ proceedings. But analyst Colin Cowherd sees an alarming call for Russell Westbrook in the meet.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook at Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James and Russell Westbrook at Los Angeles Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers megastar LeBron James is due for a contract extension. With many speculations around his future, LBJ’s meeting with franchise GM Rob Pelinka holds much importance. After a disappointing 2022 season, LeBron James and the LA Lakers are looking to get back into contention rather quickly. LeBron will be playing in his last contracted season, and his presence on the team makes a huge difference for them. So, the Lakers are making sure that they keep him happy and feel positive around the franchise. Colin Cowherd though sees a different outcome from the meeting.

Fox Sports Colin Cowherd said that all the information revealed was a direct shot at Russell Westbrook. He said, “All four of those seem like wake-up calls for Westbrook. This is a great example of getting something out so Russell Westbrook and his agent see it. And this what you’re gonna get in camp. … Those four, five boxes were all very much aimed at Westbrook.”

Chris Haynes reported some of the main points from the meeting. He reported that people in the meeting talked about selfless gameplay, possibly change of roles within the team, the team being more cohesive, and Anthony Davis being the focal point of the offense. All these points might affect Westbrook’s role in the team, and even could be sidelined if not adjusted.  

LeBron James and Anthony Davis to take control of the Los Angeles Lakers situation once again.

LeBron James with Anthony Davis
LeBron James with Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis joined the Lakers in a mega deal back in the 2019 offseason, and the team was an instant contender for the title. LeBron James and Davis did play together well and delivered the franchise’s 17th title in the very 1st season. Things were smooth until LBJ and Davis were found on the injury list on regular basis. Lakers did make it to the 2021 playoffs but lost to the eventual finalist Phoenix Suns in 1st round only.

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Los Angeles Lakers did try to repeat the “mega deal”, this time capturing yet another MVP and impactful player Russell Westbrook. But results were not as scripted, and the Lakers end up playing 82 games only in the 2022 season. LeBron and Anthony Davis were making part-time appearances for the team due to recurring injuries, doing all they can to keep the Lakers in the playoff hunt. But in the end, it all went in vain.

Fast track to the 2022 off-season, Lakers hired Championship experienced Darvin Ham as their head coach and even added some young pieces around the trio of megastars. They even tried to move Westbrook, but hold their ground on any other assets. Now with training camp just around the corner, 18-time All-Star forward held a meeting with selective individuals to prepare for the year. Since the four important decision-makers gathered, reports have emerged about what was discussed.

LeBron James, playing in his 20th season, wants to get back to competing for titles. And to do so, he will need to get the team playing together and even the 2016-17 MVP to be on board with what they’re trying to do. James has proven to be a strong leader in the past too, and now will be his biggest test. He’s worked with star players before, and also handled the situation well.

While keeping Anthony Davis in the center, LBJ also has shown great character – adjusting to the situation. Davis is the Lakers best defender and Darvin Ham insisted that the Lakers will play their offense through the defense. But it could well affect a ball-dominant guard Russell Westbrook. Outside of being a screener in the pick and roll and cutting off the ball, Westbrook is limited in his ability to be impactful on offense with may be a catch-n-shoot play.

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