“Do your jobs!” NBA Commissioner gives STERN response to Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster dishing personal issues on court

Adam Silver also denies LeBron James owning a franchise.

“Do your jobs!” NBA Commissioner gives STERN response to Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster dishing personal issues on court

L-R: Scott Foster, Adam Silver and Chris Paul(Credits: CNN, Lakers Nation and NY Post)

The NBA’s longest-running rivalry is between a player and a referee, but Commissioner Adam Silver isn’t worried about Chris Paul and Scott Foster getting along on the court and carrying out their respective roles. Amid their long-running rivalry, Warriors guard Chris Paul and seasoned referee Scott Foster received a strong warning from Adam Silver.


The latest occurrence in the Paul-Foster rivalry occurred on November 22, when Paul, having been traded to the Golden State Warriors during the offseason, played his first game at Footprint Center against the Phoenix Suns. In an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio on Wednesday, Silver discussed the league’s discussions with Paul and Foster and disclosed the team’s future expectations for them.

Adam Silver said,

Whatever the bad blood is between (Chris Paul and Scott Foster), you don’t have to be friends but you both have to go out and do your jobs. That’s my expectation going forward.

Scott Foster reportedly ejected Chris Paul from the Warriors’ 123-115 loss to the Phoenix Suns last month after they heard the veteran guard negatively referring to him on Phoenix’s broadcast. Chris Paul said after the Nov. 22 loss that his disagreement with Foster was “personal” and had to do with his son. Additionally, he met with Bob Delaney, Doc Rivers, and Scott Foster to discuss the matter.


Adam Silver responds to LeBron James’ desire to own a franchise in Las Vegas

LeBron James stated earlier this year that he would like to buy an NBA team soon. James made it clear that he desired to be the owner of a Las Vegas expansion team. Many believe that an expansion team featuring “King James” may already be in the works. Given that the association has been hosting events in Nevada recently.

Adam Silver and LeBron James
Adam Silver and LeBron James (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Conversely, Adam Silver refuted the rumors in real time on SiriusXM NBA Radio. Stating that no Las Vegas expansion team is being developed. Adam said,

Well, number one, I'll say there are no inside candidates. What I've said to everyone, publicly and privately, is that there is no process in place. There have been no secret discussions, no commitments to anyone.

Given the league’s increasing popularity, growth is a possibility. However, LeBron has other objectives to accomplish and does not intend to retire anytime soon. James may become an owner of the Las Vegas expansion team when the time comes, even though Adam Silver has not yet approved the formation of such a team.

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