“You can be the GOAT in the NBA” Antoine Walker believes Kevin Durant should wave off super teams like Suns, Heat, and Warriors off his trade list

3-time All-Star Antoine Walker advises Kevin Durant to keep the contender sides off his wish-list, as winning the championship for non-contender sides will make him the GOAT of the game

Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017
Kevin Durant with the FMVP in 2017

Kevin Durant requested a trade away from Brooklyn Nets just before free agency started. That turned the NBA trade-scenario upside-down, as teams were recalculating their plans keeping the 33-year-old talent in mind. After all the drama with the Kyrie Irving situation, Durant had enough of the “suffering” and asked for a change of franchise. The talent and valuation of Durant are massive that many teams with a possible trade package might lose 2-3 superstars to land him.

But Durant had his list of teams he would like to play for, and which would be a strong title contender. On First Things First, former NBA Champion Antoine Walker advised KD to select a non-championship-contender team and win a title to solidify his legacy as the GOAT.

Durant reportedly gave the Nets a short list of teams as the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat as favored destinations. Both those organizations are fresh off finishing the regular season with the top spot in their conferences and even had a bit of success in postseasons in recent years.

Antoine Walker wants Kevin Durant to win Championship with non-contender teams

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a scoring juggernaut in the league. He was on 4 scoring titles and was in the top 5 scorers list on regular basis. He made the switch to Golden State Warriors back in 2017, to win his 1st NBA Championship, and after back-to-back titles, he tried to establish a similar fate at the Brooklyn Nets. At the Media center of the world, he was looking for help from another megastar – Kyrie Irving.

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But things couldn’t work well, for any of the parties involved as the Nets managed just 1 playoff series win with KD-Kyrie on their roaster. So, 33-years old Durant is looking for a legitimate title shot with a different title contender team.

During a recent appearance on First Things First, former NBA player Antoine Walker weighed in on Durant possibly switching teams. He does not want to see the former MVP on an established contender. He said“I want KD to take a couple teams off his list. Take the Suns, take the Warriors, take the Heat, take those teams off your list. All these teams are already championship contenders.”

As per 2006 NBA Champion Walker, Slim Reaper is a special talent and he wants to see KD go somewhere where he can be ‘the guy’ on a potential contender. The 45-years old analyst explains, “KD, you’re a 2x Finals MVP. You can be a GOAT in this league. You can’t be the guy that wants to join a superteam. Be a competitor, you’re too good of a player.”

Walker explained that Durant can’t make the argument that he’s a “GOAT” if he keeps joining super-teams. He encouraged Durant to try and be a competitor instead and beat a superteam to react to the GOAT level. Whatever Durant decides to do, competing for a title will be among his top priorities. He wants to add to his legacy. In current competitive scenarios and with his experiences; joining a middle-of-the-pack team is a gamble.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

No one would argue with Walker’s point, but he can still be the top guy even in the superteam. He won 2 Finals MVP awards while playing for the Golden State Warriors. Also, the Suns are yet to win any championship – despite being labeled a superteam and the Heat have had their bad luck at the finals appearances. If Durant can lead them to a title, it will further prove he is among the best to ever play the game.

Most importantly, the Nets, who have maximum control over the Kevin Durant trade will be looking for profitable returns for their priced asset. Whatever team acquires him will pay a steep price. So, a well-constructed team might not be the same contenders after losing a host of players and picks for KD. Keeping this in mind, it would be safe to say that the All-Star forward could choose a contender team and actually win it all with them – as there will be criticism if after the switch he fails to win any silverware.

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