Austin Reaves reveals real reason why he turned down $100 MILLION to re-sign with Lakers

Austin Reaves is reported to have had discussions with Anthony Davis and D'Angelo Russell about his future with the franchise during the free agency period.

Austin Reaves reveals real reason why he turned down $100 MILLION to re-sign with Lakers

Austin Reaves (Credits: Bleacher Report)

In light of recent events, it has been revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers star Austin Reaves was consulted by his close teammates, Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell, about his future with the franchise during the recent free agency period.


Reaves, who heeded the advice of his close teammates, expressed that they were confident the franchise would be willing to offer a maximum contract extension. He took their counsel to heart, especially considering the strong bond he shares with Davis and Russell, both on and off the court.

Mirin Fader from the Ringer wrote that “Reaves had talked with some of his Lakers teammates about his impending future, especially Davis and D’Angelo Russell, two teammates with whom he’s grown especially close”.

Reaves in a statement commented on taking advice from Davis and Russell, saying, “We had a very good feeling that L.A. was going to offer the [max] right away, and I asked [Russell and Davis] if I should take that or if I should wait. And they both gave me their opinions, and I took it to heart, because I feel like both of those guys, we have real relationships on the court, off the court.”


Austin Reaves was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021 NBA Draft. Reeves as a player great signs of improvement right on from his rookie season, averaging from 7.3 points to 13 points per game. With Reaves receiving a lucrative contract extension with the Lakers, it definitely establishes that he is going to continue with the franchise for the foreseeable future and won’t have any uncertainties in his way as it was a season ago during his free agency.

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LeBron James calls Austin Reaves “too good” to be measured by a metric

NBA legend LeBron James believes that his teammate Austin Reaves is too good for his impact on the team to be measured by plus-minus. This was during the 2023 NBA playoffs, following his subpar performance in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

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Austin Reaves, LeBron James and Anthony Davis (Credits: Bleacher Report and ESPN)

Reaves highlighted that James’ words served as a tremendous source of inspiration for him. The high expectations set by the basketball legend have not only bolstered Reaves’ self-esteem but have also raised his personal standards. Consequently, Reaves now expects more from himself when he’s on the court, striving to deliver his best performance.


Reaves made his way to the Los Angeles Lakers through a two-way contract after declining the 42nd pick offered by the Detroit Pistons in the 2021 NBA draft. Since his rookie season, Reaves has been on a steady path of improvement in the league. The compliments and encouragement he receives from legends like LeBron James serve as a powerful source of motivation, spurring him to push beyond his limits and continuously strive for improvement.

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