“I say LeBron” Before joining Michael Jordan’s $150 Million NASCAR team Bubba Wallace made his loyalties clear

Bubba Wallace with his opinion on the GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Bubba Wallace, LeBron James and Michael Jordan
Bubba Wallace, LeBron James and Michael Jordan

It is not unexpected that Bubba Wallace, a driver in the NASCAR racing series, has chosen Lebron James and Michael Jordan as the greatest athletes of all time. This revelation came before Jordan chose Wallace to be the primary factor for his 23X1 racing team.

Michael Jordan made his racing ownership known in 2020 after buying the team charter for Germain Racing making him the first black majority owner of a professional racing team on the NASCAR circuit.  Bubba Wallace is Jordan’s primary driver, making him the first African-American to be a full time racer in NASCAR.  Before joining Jordan, Wallace left Richard Petty Motorsports and helped raise awareness of the sport by taking on the role of the face of NASCAR’s crusade against social injustice.

Wallace conducted an interview on the Carlos Watson Show back in September 2020. In the interview, Watson forced the driver to respond with the first name that came to his mind in which Watson did this with a rapid-fire round.

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Who is Bubba Wallace and is he good?

The No. 23 Toyota Camry is driven by Bubba Wallace for the brand-new 23XI Racing team, which is owned by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin. Bubba has been instrumental in NASCAR’s efforts to promote equality and inclusion, including its prohibition on the Confederate flag at races, being the only Black driver in the sport. Wallace, a former participant in NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity programme, made headlines in 2013 when he won the first of his six NASCAR Truck Series races, making history as the first African-American to do so in the top three national touring series in 50 years.

Then, in 2018, Bubba became the first African-American driver to compete in NASCAR’s elite Cup Series on a full-time basis. Following Wendell Scott’s victory at Speedway Park in Jacksonville in 2021, Bubba became the first Black driver to take home the checkered flag in NASCAR’s top division. In their garage in 2020, a member of Bubba Wallace’s team discovered a noose. Since George Floyd’s passing, he has been outspoken on issues of racial justice, which has drawn criticism from some NASCAR fans in the South. Wallace’s anti-flag activism also led to the planting of the noose as a threat and an intimidation symbol.

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First thing that comes Wallace’s mind is Michael Jordan!

On speaking at the ‘Carlos Watson Show’, Bubba Wallace was asked questions repeatedly in a rapid fire contest. Watson began by stating the name of Lebron James in which, Wallace had to answer back the first thing that came to his mind. He anticipated calling James the greatest of all time, but Wallace instead responded: “I say MJ.” When the interviewer asked for LeBron’s name, the driver responded with Jordan’s, indicating that he had reached the same conclusion about the similarity. Jordan and LeBron are both contenders for the GOAT designation.

As a supporter of rights and liberties, MJ hired Bubba Wallace for the 150 million dollar 23XI Racing team. Wallace is really thrilled since, thanks to his declaration of commitment to Jordan, he was given the opportunity to compete for his team. Wallace and MJ would subsequently go down in history as the first black racing champion and company proprietor, respectively. Naturally, having a boss like Jordan makes him very pleased.

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