“He always controls the narrative” Matt Barnes highlights the “pivotal” role LeBron James plays in the NBA

Matt Barnes opens up about his true feelings towards LeBron James and why he plays an instrumental role in the league

Matt Barnes has given out some heavy hitting information about the NBA over the last couple of months or years. From personal arguments to inside knowledge on controversies that have happened, he seems to know a thing of two about all of it.

LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

But the former champion took a moment to appreciate the presence of LeBron James. He told VladTV, “Bron is so instrumental to this game, not only what he does on the court but of the court. I remember when the [Donald] Sterling stuff happened…

“…Bron was the first person who really kinda spoke and made it okay or kinda opened the door for athletes to talk about other than sports.” Barnes felt that LeBron has not only brought physical change but also the emotional upliftment the league needed.

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LeBron James speaks on Robert Sarver’s situation

LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

LeBron James has always been vocal over issues in and around the league. He has been a strong voice in public opinion and plays a massive role in the way people around him function. As Barnes had put it, the Los Angeles Lakers forward uses his platform exceptionally well to bring about change for the better.

The King was one of the first people to boldly express feelings towards the Robert Sarver controversy. The former Phoenix Suns owner was booked for sexual harassment and racism for the which the league banned him from any Suns activity and the arena for a year as well as a $10 million fine.

Bron claimed that the league was too soft on Sarver and demanded more to be done. Similarly, Chris Paul, a former LA Clippers player himself said that the league should have been more harsh with the punishment given. However, Adam Silver claimed that he could only advise Sarver to step down as it was in the best interest of the team and league.

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