“They saw me and threw out” ‘BLACK’ Michael Jordan was chucked out of the pool for being African American

Michael Jordan and his friends got thrown out of the pool for racially motivated reasons.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the best players ever to touch a basketball or step on the hardwood. He is also regarded as the G.O.A.T by many and the legacy he has cemented is loud enough to back all those talks up. Michael Jordan wasn’t just a legendary offensive player he was also monstrous on the defensive end and his unrepeatable resume proves that. He has multiple championships, awards, honors and records registered under his name which all just add to his Airness.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

As soon as Mike became Michael Jordan and took over the league with his basketball greats while spreading the business all over the world. As Nike made him a global superstar and then he didn’t hold back doing what he does. As soon as his journey in the league started everyone wanted to be like Mike. But not many know his past where they would have hated the thought of being Michael Jordan.

As Michael Jordan who today goes by the name of Black Jesus, is a billionaire and the biggest name in the sporting world faced racial discrimination back in the days. Racism was a serious issue in America all the years and even after decades it’s still around but the situation is much better. But what happened with MJ is just unfair as he was a child enjoying his time when the unfortunate reality based on his skin color struck him hard and straight on his face.

That memory still stays with Michael Jordan and is even mentioned in the book, “Michael Jordan: The Life” where all such racist and disrespectful incidents which happened with him are talked about by the author. This has a special place because it happened when he was with his mates and his best friend David Bridgers.

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Michael Jordan and his friends getting thrown out of the pool

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and David Bridgers grew together and have many memories. In the list, they also have experienced racism. James Jordan was also a surrogate dad to David so both of them boys were really close. Once they sneaked into a neighbor’s pool and were caught by them and as soon as they saw MJ all of them were thrown out of the pool and the reason was surely racially motivated as mentioned by them and even the author in the book. It happened during a bike ride of theirs.

Bridgers talking about that situation has said: “They saw Mike and threw us out. The rest of the bike ride he was very quiet. I asked him if he knew why they threw us out. He said yes. I asked if it bothered him. He said no. Then he just smiled. I’ll never forget it. He said, ‘I got cooled off enough. How about you?’” Michael Jordan has come up all the way and today is respected everywhere from struggling his way out from racism and those neighbors were really very wrong for chucking the kids out as they were innocent and just trying to have a better time.

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