“That’s not the NBA GOAT” Bulls Will Perdue revealed how Michael Jordan often punched players in practice sessions

Former teammate of Michael Jordan reveals that he was punched in the face during practice with the Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan was an incredibly skilled athlete and several individuals hated him for it. He knew his capabilites and how much more better he was than the rest of the league which contributed towards his attitude. MJ was not particularly known for his attitude towards other people.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

A former teammate on the Chicago Bulls, Will Perdue revealed one instance when the GOAT suckerpunched him during a practice. He mentioned who their practices were highly competitive despite them being a team. He told CBS Sports, “Scottie would second this. That how competitive our practices were. “

“That wasn’t the only fight, that was one of numerous. But because it involved Michael Jordan, it got out of practice, it leaked out and it became a big deal. The funny thing was, the practice that it had happened we separated, regrouped and kept practicing. It wasn’t like that was the end of practice. Stuff like that was common.”

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Michael Jordan and his history of being HATED

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was the Golden boy of the NBA for a very long time and usually he would have a say in decisions that were made as well, especially when it came to the Olympics Team. The 6x Champion was very successful during the world games earning the gold in all appearances.

But Isiah Thomas faced MJ’s snobby side. The GOAT did not feel like the Detroit Pistons was worthy enough to play for the Dream Team and pretty much said he did not want him around. But this feud has many different levels to it due to their runs in the playoffs and things even got personal.

But that is not where it ended for Michael Jordan. Following the release of his documentary series “The Last Dance,” he received a ton of backlash from his own teammates. Scottie Pippen was by far the most vocal of them all blatantly calling Jordan a narcissist.

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