“I can do better than you” Scottie Pippen spotted with mystery bombshell after Larsa starts dating Michael Jordan’s son

Scottie Pippen makes a very bold move after being spotted with another woman

Scottie Pippen has gone into full savage mode recently especially over the last year or so. The legend has not backed down from a fight to maintain his rather good image but the situations around him are getting stickier every passing day. So this is what he did.

Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen

Recently, the Chicago Bulls legend celebrated his 57th birthday, one of many more to come. Many would expect someone as old as him to enjoy a mellowed down evening with friends and family, but Scottie showed out his savage side.

The 6x NBA Champion was spotted with an unknown female. The pair were spotted walking together, but not holding hands or getting touchy. It seems as if they had just come out of a workout since they both had on sports attire. The woman in the pictures is definitely much younger than him.

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Scottie Pippen attempts to make Larsa Pippen jealous

imago0006792743h 1 - FirstSportz
Scottie Pippen with Larsa Pippen – IMAGO/PanoramiC

With the amount of drama that has conspired over this year, Scottie Pippen deserves a break. From having one of his best friends, Michael Jordan, completely disregard his work with the Bulls in The Last Dance documentary, to having to deal with a controversial ex-wife. It has not been a pleasant sight.

Larsa Pippen and the Hall of Famer severed ties in 2021 after nearly 25 years of marriage. They parented four children of their own together with one of them, Scottie Jr. recently making his profession debut with the NBA.

Larsa was an avid cheater according to Scottie. From dating rappers to young athletes, she eventually found her way into Marcus Jordan’s life. This obviously makes this currently situation much more worse as Marcus is MJ’s son. Scottie has all the more reasons to disrespect his former teammate.

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