“That’s trash” Kyle Lowry cannot maintain a straight face when asked about Jimmy Butler’ new ‘homeless’ hairstyle

Read further to know what Kyle Lowry has to say about Jimmy Butler's new hairstyle

Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry in action
Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry in action

Miami Heat’s star Kyle Lowry was asked about his teammate and NBA player Jimmy Butler’s hairstyle. Kyle was talking in an interview with Brendan Tobin, where Tobin asked him about his co-teammate’s hairstyle. Well, it seems that Kyle is not a big fan of them.

Kyle Lowry at Miami Heat
Kyle Lowry at Miami Heat

Kyle Lowry said, “That s***t’s trash. I love them, I mean I told him that before he even came out, she tries but he’s a he’s uh with some things called um troll. He just wants everybody to talk about it so I didn’t talk about it so you know it’s trash but you know it’s, listen if he’s happy I’m happy for him.”

Jimmy Butler has got himself a new hairstyle for the upcoming season. Many made fun of it and even mocked the Miami Heat’s star player. But he seems to be pretty happy about his decision. His counterpart Kyle also supports him with his new look. He even mentioned above that if Jimmy is satisfied, he is also delighted.

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Erik Spoelstra talks about Kyle Lowry being essential for the team

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Kyle Lowry and Erik Spoelstra

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra recently addressed the importance of having guard player Kyle Lowry back on the roster. Spoelstra is confident that Lowry can help Miami Heat win a championship title. Kyle Lowry faced conditioning issues and was away from the team most of the last season to deal with a family problem. But now, he will make a comeback for the upcoming NBA 2022-2023 season. Erik commented, “I love where Kyle is in camp right now. He’s ready to go. He’s leading. He’s in great shape. He’s in a great frame of mind. I think it’s important for all of us to have a little grace and empathy for everything that Kyle has gone through in the last year.”

He added, “The most important thing for me is we have our Hall of Fame quarterback distributing the basketball keeping everybody happy, feeling like they’re eating. That’s why we’re so grateful we have Kyle Lowry.” The Miami Heat will face the Chicago Bulls in their opening game on the 20th Oct in the upcoming NBA season.

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