“We can’t figure this sh*t out!” Carmelo Anthony gets honest about failed Los Angeles Lakers superteam with LeBron and AD

The former player highlights the issues faced by the Lakers in 2021-22.

“We can’t figure this sh*t out!” Carmelo Anthony gets honest about failed Los Angeles Lakers superteam with LeBron and AD

The 2021 Lakers finished 7th in the Western Conference and suffered a first-round exit to the conference champions Phoenix Suns (via. AP)

The 2021-22 Los Angeles Lakers season was anticipated to be successful due to its star-studded roster. However, it became a mere lesson in the complexities of creating a superteam. Carmelo Anthony, a significant member of the team, recently discussed the challenges they encountered. His insights highlight the difficulties in blending individual talents into a cohesive unit.

Despite having a roster featuring stars like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Dwight Howard, the Lakers struggled to translate their off-court camaraderie into on-court success. Anthony, reflecting on this period, highlighted the disconnect between the team’s interpersonal relationships and their gameplay.

Carmelo Anthony had this to say on 7PM in Brooklyn:

We just... can't figure this sh*t out. For an example, I was on the Lakers we had the best chemistry off and that was considered a superteam. We used to have the best off the floor. We get on the court, sometimes we couldn’t figure it out right… is it the situation? Is it the system? What is it? We could never find out what was the fix.

Anthony’s insights reveal the inherent challenges of forming a superteam. It’s not just about assembling top-tier talent; it’s about finding the right balance and synergy on the court. This balance was notably absent in the Los Angeles Lakers’ gameplay, as they struggled to integrate their strengths into a cohesive unit.

The Lakers’ season was further complicated by injuries and roster fit issues. LeBron James and Anthony Davis faced extended periods on the sidelines, disrupting the team’s rhythm. Additionally, the pairing of LeBron and Russell Westbrook, both known for their ball-dominant styles, presented a puzzle that the team couldn’t solve effectively.

The Lakers’ resurgence marks a new chapter in super-team dynamics

The Los Angeles Lakers, once struggling to find their rhythm as a superteam, have shown signs of a significant turnaround. With a healthy roster and a series of impressive performances, the Lakers have emerged as serious championship contenders in 2023. Their recent success, in the high-stakes NBA In-Season tournament, has reignited discussions about their potential to dominate the playoffs.

LeBron James
The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers to win the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament title (AP)

This resurgence is not just about the star power of LeBron James and Anthony Davis but also about the emergence of players like Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell, who have added depth to the team. The Lakers’ journey reflects a blend of experience, talent, and a newfound synergy that has been pivotal in their recent successes.

Moreover, the Lakers’ triumph in the NBA’s inaugural in-season tournament, led by stellar performances from LeBron and Anthony Davis, has further cemented their status as a formidable force. This victory, characterized by a dominant defense and strategic gameplay, demonstrates the Lakers’ ability to adapt and excel in varied competitive scenarios.

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