They HATED Jordan Poole” – Charles Barkley claims former Warriors star traded OUT OF SPITE

Charles Barkley weighs on the reason why Jordan Poole was traded away to the Wizards.

They HATED Jordan Poole” – Charles Barkley claims former Warriors star traded OUT OF SPITE

Charles Barkley and Jordan Poole Images via AP Photo/Jeff Chiu; Lisa O’Connor/ Getty Image

Jordan Poole and the Golden State Warriors officially parted ways earlier this summer. The team traded the budding star to the Washington Wizards for the Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul. The Warrior’s decision to trade a young star like Poole shocked fans as the trade was hard to justify externally. The Warriors have not disclosed why they made the trade, but NBA legend Charles Barkley weighs in on his claims.


NBC Sports Bay Area recently interviewed Barkley about the Jordan Poole-Warriors drama“They hated Jordan Poole. They really hated Jordan Poole … That’s the No. One thing I said to myself: They really hated Jordan Poole, Barkley said.

The NBA on TNT host also commented that the trade might benefit the guard, “This is going to be a chance for him to reset … He had a tough year. He was in peaks and valleys, so he needed a fresh start. I hope it works out for him.” Poole struggled offensively last year and was even benched during the Playoffs, but a change in Washington could be the perfect fit for him.

Last year Poole signed a $120 million extension with the Warriors but failed to live up to the team’s expectations. It is unclear whether his performance or relationship with the team lead to his trade of the 24-year-old out. The Warriors probably had the notion that Poole would not fit their ideal lineup for their short-term championship aspirations.


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Jordan Poole’s exit was reportedly due to his relationship with Steve Kerr and Draymond Green

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole (R – Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) and Draymond Green (L- Image via NBC Sports)

The Warriors were haunted by Draymond Green and Jordan Poole incident throughout last season, leading to their exit from the Playoffs. The fiasco started when Green punched Poole in the face during training camp in 2022. The incident reportedly led to turmoils in the locker room after that, and a leaked video of the incident did not help either.

Although Poole refused to make comments about the incident, it was clear that his relationship with Green wasn’t the best. Many have attributed the drama to why the shooting guard was traded, but several reports have shown that that was not the only case.

According to Jason Dumas, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr spearheaded the decision to trade Poole to the Wizards. “I just think he (Steve Kerr) was kinda fed up with the fact that Jordan was kinda huffin’ and puffin’… I think that had more to do with him being moved than that punch … His relationship with Draymond wasn’t great, but Steve was more fed up than anything.”


The trade gave the Warriors a veteran guard, Chris Paul, a small window to capitalize on a Championship. On the other hand, Poole will have the green light to lead the Washington Wizards along with Kyle Kuzma.

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