“The GOAT debate is lazy” Charles Barkley hilariously reveals his ‘Mount Rushmore’ in the 75 years of NBA history

Charles Barkley reveals his best players in NBA history, as he talks about how the basketball has come a long way.

Charles Barkley looks back at the best players of NBA
Charles Barkley looks back at the best players of NBA

The NBA has witnessed generational talents leave their mark on the game, in different era’s throughout its rich history. Charles Barkley took his time and reminisced about the greatest athletes to have graced this game, as he revealed his ‘Mount Rushmore’ of the NBA. Mount Rushmore of any sport technically implies the top 5 players of the game, an intriguing way to figure out who the best players in the world are. It’s especially interesting when a legend of the game spares his thoughts on it !

The list of great players in the NBA is quite subjective and varies from person to person, but usually the top players are all the same. From Wilt Chamberlain to Stephen Curry, the league has been always blessed with a top-tier, generational talent.

In a recent chat with other prominent voices in the basketball world, Charles Barkley spoke about some of the legends that have impacted him the most and revealed his “Mount Rushmore” of greats:

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“These are the most important figures in Basketball” – Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

The 1993 MVP, Charles Barkley, is himself a legend of the game and has been testimony to the ever- evolving game of Basketball. It’s the old-school legends who have paved the way for a lot of these stars today. Without them and their dominant play, who knows what the game might be today. In a recent discussion with other prominent voices in the basketball world, Charles Barkley spoke about how the great players have evolved the game throughout generations.

As far as the most impactful players go, Chuck was spot on. Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, too much glory in one sentence !

While the actual Mt. Rushmore features four United States presidents, Charles Barkley included 7 legendary NBA stars. He very cleverly sidesteps the Greatest of All Time debate saying it should be veiwed generation wise rather than a whole, owing to the changing nature of the game and its perception itself.

“I think the debate about who’s the greatest is lazy because you have to break down generations. These are the most important figures in basketball, in my opinion. You talk about Mr. Russell who is the most important as far as social justice, then Kareem. Then you got to Magic and Bird. Then Michael. Then you got Kobe. Then you got LeBron. They’re all on the Mount Rushmore in my opinion. So I like to talk about all those guys because I think without those guys, guys wouldn’t be making $50 million a year.”

The abundance of so many great players in basketball history, makes it extremely difficult to find a unanimous answer, as to which star goes above the others. No doubt it’s a fun topic to debate on the ranking of stars, there is no real way to determine who is the best among them.

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Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

The league is bubling with immense talent. Ja Morant slam dunked his name on the MIP trophy, Jayson Tatum is battling for the Eastern Conference Crown, Luka Doncic is proving to be a young LeBron James ! Its interesting how the league will adapt to this robust new generation. Who knows, soon enough , we might need to change the names on the ‘ Mount Rushmore’ of the NBA. All we can do is appreciate what each stalwart has brought to the court and admire what today’s stars are doing while they’re still playing.

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