Watch: Charles Barkley mocks Warriors with ‘Let’s Go Mavs’ chant outside the ecstatic Chase Center

Warriors dominate Mavericks in a 112-87 victory in Game 1, as Charles Barkley goes head-to-head against the Dub Nation

Charles Barkley faces off against the Dub Nation
Charles Barkley faces off against the Dub Nation

Charles Barkley hates the Bay Area, he prefers the ‘Wild West’ of Dallas. He was in town in San Francisco as the Golden State Warriors looked to hold off the Dallas Mavericks in the initial match of the Western Conference Finals. The Golden State Warriors took a 1-0 lead over the Dallas Mavericks with an emphatic 112-87 win in Game 1 on Wednesday night. Prior to the game, Barkley made his stand with Mavericks very clear to the Warrior’s Fans behind him. This is Charles Barkley, he should’ve known that messing with the Dub Nation is nothing short of ‘hell’.

A ruthless start to the game meant an enthralling contest between the two teams with neither backing down. Although the Warriors led for the majority of the first half, the Mavericks only trailed by 9 points at halftime, still well within striking distance. Vintage Golden State Warriors was on display in the 3rd quarter, as the Warriors marauded there way through the confused Dallas defense. With Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole stepping up to the occasion with 19 points each, the Warriors were undoubtedly superior

Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry set the court ablaze with his dazzling shots and dribbles, leading a 10-0 scoring spree to fully break the back of Dallas’s defense. The onslaught continued throughout the last quarter as the Warriors amassed a 30-point advantage. Curry finished with 21 points, 12 rebounds and even dished out 4 assists to spearhead a steely-eyed Warriors attack that had 7 double-figure scorers. Luka Doncic had 20 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists , as Jalen Brunson added 14 points in what was one of the worst offensive performances of the playoffs for the Mavs.

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“Charles Barkley Sucks”

Charles Barkley and Dub Nation
Charles Barkley and Dub Nation

Charles Barkley is not just a critic of the Warriors, he hates the city. “We’re going to hell, I mean San Francisco,” Barkley said Sunday. “I hate San Francisco. I just don’t like it. I have to like a city because y’all like it?”

He didn’t hold back his disdain for the team ahead of Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Dallas Mavericks at Chase Center on Wednesday night. Barkley was rooting for the the Dallas Mavericks to out shadow the Warriors in the Playoffs, in what was expected to be a fiery matcchup. TNT’s “Inside The NBA” show was held outside Golden State’s arena, and Dub Nation took advantage of the opportunity to troll Barkley by chanting:

“Barkley sucks!

Charles, spell championship,” one fan yelled out, mocking him for never winning an NBA Championship, as others tried to attract his attention and piss him off.

But, the Hall of Famer wasn’t about to let the jab slide, as he turned around and fired off his response. Surprisingly, the Dubs fans loved the burn, with several dudes in the crowd smiling and laughing it off. It was just trash talking and Barkley was just having some fun with the trolls, he wasn’t smiling as he clapped back, but he doesn’t seem too pissed.

Barkley retorted by shouting, “Hey, you’re right, and y’all suck too! I love doing that, let’s go!” Barkley further reaffirmed his faith in the Mavericks on the show, putting his money on them to overcome the Warriors at home turf.

“I think the Mavs are going to be better at small ball because of Luka Doncic. Nobody can handle that dude one-on-one,” Barkley said. “And if Jalen Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie keep playing like they’re playing, this team is going to be tough to beat. So I’m going with the upset. I’m going with the Mavs.” – Charles Barkley

The hothead analyst isn’t one to give in as the interaction continued back and forth when eventually Barkley was exhausted of being heckled by the entirety of Warriors’ fans. During a commercial break, he issued a serious warning with impatience :In a moment of pure nonchalant comedy , Barkley is seen lashing out to a heckling set of fans Chuck is pictured to be turning towards the Warriors fans and shouting

“If you don’t leave me alone, I’m going to come to your house and f—k your mama.”

Charles Barkley has beef with Warrior's Fans
Charles Barkley has beef with Warrior’s Fans

The Dub Nation loved the smoke and the trash-talking continued. Barkley would eventually be roasted for picking the Mavs as they were cooked and roasted by ‘Chef’ and company. However he still feels its very early to predict the outcome of this matchup, as Luka is not one to be messed with. Despite being the best team from downtown, Dallas were miserable in Game 1 as they shot 36 percent from the field and a brutal 11 of 48 from 3-point land.

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golden state warriors

Luka Doncic will learn from this defeat as the Mavs will come out, all guns blazing in Game 2. Who will find the key to making it to the NBA’s biggest stage, a spicy Game 2 is on its way !

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