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“Maybe I’m confusing a legend with iconic” Chris Broussard asserts how Damian Lillard has been a better performer than Kyrie Irving

Chris Broussard on comparison between Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard

Comparison between two megastars of the game is not new. While both players might have different sets of achievements over their careers, they are very vital pieces of their team’s plans. Kyrie Irving vs. Damian Lillard’s debate has skyrocketed following Jayson Tatum’s interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks. Interviewer Rooks labeled Kyrie as a superstar but could not do the same for Lillard during the interview. The reason is a lack of championship hardware. But NBA analyst Chris Broussard differs with the point and claims that Dame is more of an impactful player than “Uncle Drew”.

Damian Lillard

On “The Odd Couple” podcast, NBA analyst Chris Broussard elaborated his views on the comparison. He mentioned that neither of them is a superstar, and differing from Rooks’ views, Broussard called Lillard’s career better than that of Irving.

While reacting to the Rooks’ “superstar comment”, Broussard said, “I would not call Kyrie a superstar. I think Kyrie is a –celebrity? … But I will say this: I do think Kyrie is going to be, like, a legend. Maybe I’m confusing a legend with iconic because people are going to remember Kyrie Irving. By most people’s estimation, he is the best ball handler ever.”


Both athletes have played a significant role in shaping their franchises and delivered Masterclass performances over the years. They certainly have left a mark in people’s minds.

Chris Broussard vouches for Damian Lillard over Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving vs Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving have been in the league for nearly a decade now and played in the same position for their respective teams. They have made a massive impact on their teams’ outcomes, making them one of the best players in their franchises. So the comparisons were obvious. While Dame played for Portland throughout his 10-year career, Kyrie shifted his loyalties on 3 different teams.

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5-time All-Star Lillard proved to be the main man for the Portland team averaging around 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists in his career; on the other hand, Kyrie averaged 23 points, 3 rebounds, and 5 assists for a 3-team career. Talking about playoffs, Dame made 8 playoff appearances with fairly similar stateliness, and Kyrie has 6 postseasons with slightly better stats than his regular season productions. But in those 6 playoffs, Kyrie won the NBA title in 2016.

While talking in an interview, Jayson Tatum asked Rooks whether Kyrie and Damian are superstars. Rooks put Kyrie in the superstar category and claimed that Lillard has superstar qualities, but he has to win to be labeled as a superstar. 

Making his point over the comparison, Broussard said, “If you wanna say streetball, who has more skills, who has the better skills? I can see you going with Kyrie. … Who do you most trust? Damian Lillard has had his own team for a decade, and they have been very good. Alone. They did not win the championship, but they’ve gone to the conference finals.

Commenting on Kyrie’s creditability Broussard added, “Kyrie has not shown he could do that. Kyrie won with LeBron. When he’s had his own team, it has been a disaster! You’re hearing more and more people say he is the most skilled point guard or player ever.”

the 53-year-old analyst agreed that both have their skill sets, while Kyrie’s skills might be flashier and crowd puller, Portland Trailblazers’ star Damian also has his style and game winners to please the crowd. Chris Broussard’s disagreement boils down to his description of “superstar,” which is different from that of Rooks.

Chris Broussard put more stock on Lillard’s impact on winning and leadership than Irving’s championship mettle as the second fiddle. While comparing them individually, Broussard is very much on right track, but for their fans, Dame and Uncle Drew are superstars for sure.

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