“Is it possible that KD, Kyrie and LeBron have been talking?” Chris Broussard believes Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving haven’t fallen out

Read and know more about the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant saga at Brooklyn as discussed by Chris Broussard of Fox Sports.

Chris Broussard, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Chris Broussard, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

The short-lived Big Three era in Brooklyn appears to be over before it began in earnest as Kevin Durant startled the NBA world by formally demanding a trade from the organisation two days after Kyrie Irving signed his $37 million player option to return with the Brooklyn Nets. If and when a deal is finalised this summer, Durant will have played for four different teams since 2016. According to reports, Durant would want to join Miami or Phoenix, all of whom are title contenders, but the Nets will try to get the best trade offer possible.

Rumors has still not stopped. Some have speculated that KD, Irving, and LA Lakers forward LeBron James may be able to work together as a result of the previous events. Analyst Chris Broussard went into great detail regarding the rumours on the “The Odd Couple” show. While some people could consider the partnership as “ring chasing,” Broussard claimed that winning will satisfy the doubters.

The league’s most talented duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving breaking up

Kevin Durant requested a trade from Brooklyn on Thursday in an effort to fulfil his aim of building a championship team. Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 to pursue this goal. James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Durant were the team’s starting lineup at one point, yet they only won one postseason series. The Nets are quickly rebuilding while Durant’s fantasy turns into a nightmare. After making the contentious choice to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in 2016, Durant continues to face criticism. 

Before activating his $36.5 million player option for the 2022–23 season, Irving supposedly intended to team up with LeBron James at Los Angeles. Irving joined Brooklyn in 2019–20 but has only appeared in 105 games since then, sitting out the majority of the previous campaign. Irving losing your trust feels like a topic that no one will ever have to experience. However, with this year’s vaccine antics, benching him only for him to return and lose to Boston in the first round did not do his legacy any favours.

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Chris Broussard weigh in his take on the KD-Kyrie saga.

Chris Broussard of Fox Sports is not going to allow KD go unharmed since he has once again chosen to take the simple route rather than try to guide his team through difficulty and he doubted that if Durant and Irving had fallen out. He said: “I was told by someone that they haven’t had a falling out, when I first heard the news that KD wanted out, my first thought was he’s got an issue with Kyrie now. Right?.” He also had to point out the possible linkup of Lebron, KD and Kyrie in LA stating:  “Now, is it possible that KD, Kyrie and LeBron have been talking and that they’ve been saying, ‘Look, let’s all three come together.'”

The league is anticipating Durant’s future. The forward, who still ranks among the league’s top performers, has four years left on his deal. Durant has struggled with injuries the previous couple of seasons, yet he consistently finds himself in the MVP race. Durant made his commitment to Brooklyn by signing a four-year, $198 million agreement with the team little over a year ago. He has chosen to back out of that commitment by asking for a trade this week, even before his contract becomes effective.

The Lakers will need to at the very least give up Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and considerable draft picks for Kyrie, KD, and Lebron to team up in Los Angeles. While the Purple and Gold team might certainly make a move in that direction, it is still doubtful that the Brooklyn Nets will support them.

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