“I don’t care how good you are, there is no way in God’s green earth you will be the best player” Chris Broussard goes after Chet Holmgren for ‘over-confident’ approach

After thrashing Chet Holmgren for his "best player" comments, Chris Broussard gave some advise to 7 footer on Radio. He considers Chet to be a bright prospect, but need to make some changes in him.

Chris Broussard and Chet Holmgren
Chris Broussard and Chet Holmgren

Chet Holmgren is a new upcoming prospect in the league and he is already in the news for the wrong reason. Chris Broussard thrashes his claims to be the best in the League. With NBA Draft just around, talks about Chet Holmgren are heating up. Orlando Magic will be looking at the 1st overall pick, and many consider that they will with Chet, considering his chemistry with Orlando player Jalen Suggs – playing at the point guard position.

The 5th overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft, Snug played and won state-level championships with Chet. Chris Broussard on Fox Sports Radio analyzed incoming talent Holmgren. While he praised him for his abilities and stats, Chris was critical of Chet’s claim to be the “Best in the League”.

As per Broussard, the claim inches closer to being an “over-confident” one from the young athlete. He sizes up Chet on his capabilities and advised him to be polite in answering such questions. He already had targeted Chet’s claims on TV and now reinserted his views on Radio.

What did Chet Holmgren say that upset Chris Broussard?

Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren

While questioned about who he thinks is the best player in NBA, Chet Holmgren replied “myself in 2 months.” His reply was a confident one but targeted by many analysts. Chris also made sure that 20-years old player get some earful before entering the league.

On the TV show, Broussard said that it was disrespectful to established stars in the league. His exact words were, “I like Chet, I do. But I didn’t like this (clip playing). To me that came off as arrogance and disrespect more so than self-assuredness and confidence I mean show the guys in the NBA, the job Morant’s, The Luka’s, the Giannis; show them some respect.”

Chet Holmgren
Chet Holmgren

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While continuing on the same point for the Radio, Broussard said, “You want to say, ‘hey I want to be, I would love to be the greatest player when it’s all said and done in my career. I love all that I’ma work hard my goal is to be the best player in the league that if you would have said that I love it. My goal is to be the best player in the league whether it takes me 10 years or my entire career I want people to think I was the best who ever played in that game. Love it right? (but) ‘me and two months’? Stop it. I just can’t, I’m afraid of this kid.” 

The soft-toned advice might be very appropriate for entering Chet as he already had very criticism for his comments. Chris earlier credited Holmgren for his abilities though, including his shooting ability, ball-handling, blocking, and even rebounding. At the same time, Chris was impressed by Chet’s mental toughness despite having a skinny body frame.  

During his college period, Holmgren averaged 20.8 points, 12.6 rebounds, 4.7 blocks, and 4.4 assists while connecting on 68.2 percent of his field-goal attempts. A McDonald’s All-American Game selection, Holmgren won the 2021 Naismith High School Trophy Player of the Year. Broussard also considers 7-footer Chet to be no 1 pick in the 2022 draft and wants him to improve on his physique and maybe attitude toward other senior players too.

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