“Closest to Michael Jordan” – Steph Curry, not LeBron James, Kobe Bryant most similar to NBA’s GOAT, claims Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson claims that Steph Curry would be the one to come out of retirement just like Michael Jordan.

“Closest to Michael Jordan” – Steph Curry, not LeBron James, Kobe Bryant most similar to NBA’s GOAT, claims Klay Thompson

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson ( via Sports Illustrated) and Michael Jordan ( via Times).

In light of a fun game by the Warriors team, played among the big three of the franchise Stephen Curry, Klay Thomspon, and Draymond Green, each of them was questioned about who among them would see themselves or the other, come out of retirement. To which the star guard Klay Thompson claimed that Steph Curry would be the one to do so as he is similar to the Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Klay Thompson asserts that for the impact that one holds among all three in the Warriors, Steph Curry is very close to the impact that Jordan had on his fanbase and in the overall league. Thompson claims that Curry may be motivated enough to come out of his retirement and extend his legacy in the league to the future generation of athletes entering the NBA, just like Jordan did.


Thompson in a statement said, “Probably say, Steph because of the three obviously, he’s the closest to Michael Jordan in his impact and MJ did the same thing,” Thompson said. “I could just see Steph sitting at home, like, ‘I still got it.'”

Klay Thompson’s assertion is something everyone will agree on. Curry since his draft has evolved the game of basketball and single-handedly re-defined the league with his playmaking skills and his out-of-the-world shots beyond the three-point line. So if anyone in this generation of basketball has a lasting impact after what Michael Jordan had, it would be Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry makes history in the Warriors Vs Clippers game

The Golden State Warriors went up against the LA Clippers on Thursday evening when Curry dropped an impressive performance of 26 points including seven rebounds and eight assists. Along with that Curry stunned the fanbase by making history in the NBA by crossing Clyde Drexler for 34th most scored points In the league.

Warriors' Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry (Credits: Sporting News)

The Warriors swayed their way to a 120-114 victory against the LA Clippers when Curry also made 22,195 points, placing him 34th on the list of most scored points ahead of Clyde Drexler. In the ongoing regular NBA season, Stephen Curry has been nothing but exceptional, averaging 29.7 points per game including 5.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists.

Stephen Curry has now entered his 15th NBA season in his basketball career and has been the main player in the past 17 games who has led the team to many victories. The Warriors are placed in the 11th position in the Western Conference standings with a record eight wins and eleven losses so far.

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