“They are Warriors without talent” Colin Cowherd highlights major issues with Miami Heat after Game 4 flop in EC Finals

Eastern Conference finals are getting more and more interesting with series leveled at 2-2. Colin Cowherd compared Miami Heat to Golden state Warriors based on the similarities in the postseasons.

Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors team 2022
Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors team 2022

Colin Cowherd enlights the comparison between eastern conference team and former NBA Champions in his latest take. He compared Miami Heat to the Golden State Warriors of the West-side, but added a twist to the comparison and story, which might be deciding factor for the Conference Finals.

Ongoing Conference Finals have shown many good showdowns and matchups, particularly on the Eastern Conference. Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are playing their hearts out to clinch the title and move on to the NBA Finals. While Golden State Warriors are dominating Dallas Mavericks and have a 3-0 lead in the best of seven series. Colin Cowherd, commenting on the Eastern finals considers the Heat team is similar to the Warriors, as they can dominate a game – provided they are healthy enough.  

Colin Cowherd was on the Fox Radio show – the Herd with Colin Cowherd, where he shed light on the intriguing Eastern Conference finals. Both teams have won 2 games apiece and even showed an ability to win on the road.

Are Miami Heat and Golden State Warrior similar?

Jimmy butler of Miami Heat and Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors
Jimmy butler of Miami Heat and Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors

With the Western Conference matchup going pretty much one-sided, East has provided fans excitement and uncertainty regarding the Winner of the series. Both teams are the top 2 teams in the conference and had an impressive run in the postseason so far. Boston may have tougher opponents but they overcame “contenders” to make it into the Conference Finals. Similarly, Miami overcame – the absence of their stars to win their respective series.

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Only 4 teams are fighting for the 2022 NBA title and the talent in each of them is huge. But interestingly, as Colin pointed out it is not necessary to consider a winner just based on talent. Cowherd said, “We tend to think that the most talented team always wins, that’s not the case. The talented teams have dysfunction, an ego, and they often had big blue blood programs, the pressurized environment where players shrink.”

The Luck factor involved in the game also helps decide the outcome of the game, as Colin gave way some examples of the recent sports victories. He further used the current trend – long-range shooting in the league to add to the “luck” factor.

In comparison point, Colin sees an equal amount of talent in the Miami Heat roaster that Golden State Warriors have. And there are certainly some similarities between the two. They both have talented starting lineups, the core is a bit older though, Great coach to lead them , and also possesses a very potent bench to support. Franchise players like Stephen Curry and Jimmy Butler can turn the game in their team’s favor in a matter of half a quarter. As per 58-yers old said “Miami team is really close to being falling apart physically. They are really interesting when they are healthy (like the Warriors) and bad when they are not healthy.”

But on some points, 3-time NBA Champion Warriors’ team differentiates themselves from the Heat, mainly in playing style and skill set-wise. Warriors have balanced offense and defense, while Miami is basically a hard defending team, widely constructing their offense from defense.   

Jimmy Butler of Miami Heat and Stephen Curry of Golden state Warriors
Jimmy Butler of Miami Heat and Stephen Curry of Golden state Warriors

While comparing intra-conference finals rivals, Colin says, “Boston is better than Miami. There are more elite players, more flexibility on defence.” He couldn’t pick a winner though as both teams had some bad quarters costing them the game. Miami may win the series due to home court advantage but Boston is better.

We shall be waiting for the outcomes of both series, and if The Warriors and Heat teams do advance to the finals – we will get to see the similarities and differences between the 2 more clearly, on-court fighting for the title.  

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