“I looked at girls like a father figure” Dennis Rodman admits Women’s sway on his adolescence

Dennis Rodman opens up about his cross-dressing and the impact of women in his life.

Dennis Rodman and his fan girls
Dennis Rodman and his fan girls

Dennis Rodman‘s peculiar lifestyle, which has been marked by fortune, fame, and alluring women, makes him maybe the most interesting and entertaining person in the world. Rodman in an interview revealed that his bizarre cross-dressing manner exhibited the influence of women in the way he approached himself.

Dennis Rodman was a real gem, especially in the traditionally conservative world of sports, and his cross-dressing, both on and off the NBA court, defied social norms of manhood. He painted his hair with every color of the rainbow, collected championship trophies with shiny nails, and made headlines for riding in a horse-drawn carriage while wearing a white bridal gown and being accompanied by females in tuxedos.

In his private life, Rodman had no trouble relating to women. He has married multiple women and has dated celebrities like Carmen Electra and Madonna. Rodman had the guts to be himself and become famous in one of the “manliest” sports in the world.

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Dennis Rodman- The rebounding great!

Although Dennis Rodman may have gained more reputation for his antics off the court than on it, he will always be known for being a phenomenal rebounder. At just 6’7″, “The Worm” surpassed expectations of what players his stature could do, earning seven times a spot on the NBA All-Defensive First Team and twice taking home the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award. He was perhaps the finest rebounding forward in NBA history, leading the league in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive seasons. From 1991 through 1998, he was the game’s leading rebounder. In the later stages of his NBA career, he also racked up some impressive double-digit rebounding averages while playing for the Lakers and Mavericks.

Given his lack of desire to play basketball on offence, Dennis Rodman was a perfect addition to Michael Jordan and the Bulls.  Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and head coach Phil Jackson were at the helm of the Bulls when Rodman moved to Chicago, and together helped the team produce a 72-10 record in 1995–96, the first season of their second “three-peat” of that decade. Prior to his time with the Bulls, he had won two championships with the Detroit Pistons. Because of his exceptional vision and natural basketball sense, Rodman was more than simply a skilled rebounder; he was a nuisance that most teams had to handle with every second he was on the court.

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Rodman and his feminine demeanor

The Bulls star, who grew up without a father, was formed by the influence of his mother and sisters. Rodman, who had any true sense of style as a youngster, just mindlessly imitated his sisters. Additionally, as time passed, Rodman came to look up to the women in his life, which in turn helped create the cross-dressing era. In the interview, he stated: “I think I look at girls more as a father figure. I thought they were pretty much the leader of the pack. Whatever they did I thought it was cool that they were doing it because I had no sense of direction.” What Rodman did was, he sought to imitate the women in his life that he adored.

Women found Rodman appealing because of his vibrant personality, array of tattoos and piercings, and frequent hair color changes. Rodman wasn’t simply coveted by beautiful women and his lifestyle hasn’t really changed much after he stopped playing. Dennis Rodman was such a legend back then that even married men began to act weirdly around him. It just helps to highlight Rodman’s legendary reputation, both on and off the court. No matter how many tales we hear about Rodman, we will always be amazed by the things he did because he was a relatively advanced character.

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