“Lost over $30 MILLION” Dennis Rodman was jailed 100 times courtesy to THOUSANDS of out-of-control parties

Dennis Rodman admits to having jailed over 100 times in a YouTube show with Kevin Hart.

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman
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One of the most prominent players in league history, Dennis Rodman was known as the Worm for his rebounding prowess. One of the finest rebounders and defenders in NBA history, during his Hall of Fame career, he was awarded two Defensive Player of the Year Awards and held the league rebounding lead seven times. Not only is he the best rebounder in NBA history, but he’s also the most eccentric player the league has ever seen. When he wasn’t hustling, rebounding, and guarding for his team on the court, he was at the club having a good time while dancing and drinking.

He appeared on Kevin Hart’s YouTube programme “Cold as Balls” back in 2019 to talk about several parts and events in his life, including how many times he’s been behind bars. He spoke with Hart on a variety of topics related to his life, including his job, fashion sense, and a great deal more. It goes without saying that Rodman had a distinctive way of both playing the game and living his life.  Rodman frequently made headlines for his way of living, even when he was playing in the NBA’s peak. Rodman mentioned how frequently he used to end himself in jail for disobeying the laws and how there are consequences for doing so.

Dennis Rodman- The Worm!

Dennis Rodman’s career has been clouded by the controversy he generated on and off the court, but he is clearly one of the NBA’s most underappreciated players. He has won five championships, been named defensive player of the year twice, won seven titles for rebounding, been selected to the ALL-NBA Third Team twice, and even led the league in field goal percentage in 1988–89. He does not make unreasonable demands and embodies how to get along with people. He is fully aware of his part and understands it to be historically accurate.

Every time Dennis Rodman’s name is mentioned, it will be tempting to bring up the scandals, the hairstyles, the piercings, etc. However, we must also bear in mind the hustle, determination, grit, defense, and readiness to risk his life for his team in addition to the criticism. Consider Rodman and everything he did that was out of the ordinary, but also take into account the traits that made him one of the best players ever.

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Rodman and his frequent jail visits

Dennis Rodman spoke with Kevin Hart on a variety of topics, including his relationships with Madonna and Carmen Electra and his difficult time with the San Antonio Spurs. Rodman revealed to Kevin Hart that he had visited prison more than one hundred times in his life. For seven years straight, the former NBA great admitted that he threw parties every single day. “I’d say over 100,” Rodman replied when Hart asked him how many times he’s been to jail. He said: “I was having too many parties at my house, and for seven years straight, it was like seven days a week. Seven days, seven days a week, 24/7.”

Rodman’s Los Angeles lifestyle hasn’t really changed much since he stopped playing. The Worm appears to have carried on partying after retirement at the age of 60 or so. And it seems sense that he would, considering how active he was when he was a player. He preferred the night for both basketball games and partying, which led to him repeated visits to jails while he was at his best. No matter how many tales we hear about Rodman, we will always be startled by the things he did as he was a complete character.

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