“This year is all about accountability” Derrick Rose throws shade at Julius Randle like a gentleman

Read further to know what Derrick Rose said in his interview on the New York Knicks media day.

Julius Randle and Derrick Rose
Julius Randle and Derrick Rose

In his interview on the New York Knicks media day, NBA’s star player Derrick Rose had a lot to say. He looked calm and had a clear mindset which his Knicks teammates should adopt if they want to win the title this year. He mainly focused on one word, “accountability,” during the whole of his interview. Even though he was not talking about a single player, Rose mentioned his teammate Julius Randle.

Derrick Rose in 2022
Derrick Rose in 2022

Derrick Rose said, “I think what this year’s all about is accountability. Like being able to not get in your feelings or taking it personal when somebody’s coming over and giving you constructive criticism. As a man and as a professional, you’re supposed to understand that. Y’all can talk shit back to each other here and now of get mad, but you leave it on the court after practice or after that game or after that moment.”

Rose added, “If the last guy can’t tell the star that you missed a coverage, something’s wrong, and it’s vice versa. You should be able to take that and understand ‘I got you’ instead of being mad.” Julius Randle openly discussed his displeasure with public criticism after a tumultuous Knicks season.

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Tom Thibodeau pushed Derrick Rose to lose weight

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Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose

New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau was sitting over Derrick Rose’s head to make him shed a few kilos. Not only that, he constantly e-mailed him to do so. Rose, 33, was showing off his slimmed-down physique, the reward for cutting out sugar, and taking suggestions about his weight personally. Derrick Rose arrived shirtless at his first press conference and credited his Knicks coach for motivating him to maintain physical health.

Rose said, “It’s all Thibs’ fault, stop playing with me, stop trying challenge me, sending me emails and that type of s–t. He was on my ass the whole time.” The former MVP, who missed the final four months of last season because of complications with his ankle surgery, said he’s down to roughly 194 pounds. It’s about 20 pounds lighter than last year.

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