“Kyrie has not proven to be a great leader” Draymond Green believes Lakers would not be able to beat the Dubs even with Kyrie Irving

Draymond Green believes that the reunion of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James won’t worry Golden State Warriors as the former Cav's guard.

Draymond Green sees Warriors team above the possible new LeBron James and Kyrie Irving collaboration
Draymond Green sees Warriors team above the possible reunion of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving
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Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving are in the news for several weeks now as the offensive superstar guard seems destined to part ways after 3 unimpressive and inconsistent seasons with the franchise. So the speculations of Irving fitting in different teams have started floating around, with Los Angeles Lakers leading the list. Though the Lakers need miracles to reunite LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, keeping Anthony Davis at the franchise, Draymond Green is confident the Golden State Warriors will defeat the new LA Lakers team. The union is somewhat farfetched considering the Lakers’ inability to provide considerable assets in return, but many hypotheses are made to make the former NBA champs perform together.

Moreover the former DPOY lauded LeBron James’ leadership and acknowledged that they will certainly be title contenders acquiring talented Kyrie from the Nets, but puts Dubs ahead of the Lakers in any competition.

After winning the 4th title, Warriors players are making some noise on social media and hitting back at the doubters. Draymond Green put forward his views again on his podcast – The Draymond Green Show. He also used Twitter to assert his opinions and made some huge claims. He called the Warriors “better than everybody else” during their championship parade in San Francisco and is now doubling down on the statement.

Draymond Green gives his views on the possible reunion of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and the threat to the Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green and Lebron James
Draymond Green and Lebron James

4-time NBA Champion Draymond Green spoke with Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg to discuss his latest title run, the concept of New Media, running a successful podcast, and other basketball-related topics. Host Shaw asked him whether the addition of Kyrie Irving make the LA Lakers title contenders.

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Draymond Green said, “With LeBron, if you give him someone like Kyrie… they’ll have a chance because of the way Kyrie can score the basketball. LeBron will only put him in position to do that. Kyrie has not proven to be a great leader. LeBron will put an umbrella over that. If you can do what you’re good at, you have LeBron leading.”

Former Cavs guard Kyrie Irving has been to 3 different teams in his 11 seasons in the league. He won 1 NBA title, 1 Rookie of the Season award, and made 7-all-star appearances in those years. But most of those accolades came in his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his combined 5 seasons with Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, he developed a negative reputation for being unreliable and a bad teammate. His only stint as the lone superstar on the team was with the Boston Celtics and has never been the leader of a locker room despite having the ball in hand.

So, uniting Kyrie with the king would certainly help him to do some damage control and LeBron would also love to have a familiar face in the roster with whom he delivered the historic 2016 NBA title. Draymond Green, however, is not fearful of the dynamic duo reuniting in his Pacific Division. He confidently said, “They could contend, but they won’t beat us.”

After winning the 2022 NBA Championship, many sports books and analysts are favoring the Golden State Warriors to retain the title in the 2023 season also. Surprisingly these are the same people who betted on Boston Celtics for the 2022 NBA title. The Warriors’ team is, without doubt, one of the most talented collections of players and has a deep roaster. Though Draymond’s claims might looks “over-confident” to many, the Lakers’ current situation is worrisome, and adding Kyrie alone might not change the fortune of the team.

Golden State Warriors 2022
Golden State Warriors 2022

As for the Warriors, Klay Thompson will only get better with a healthier self while other members of the Warriors’ core – Steph Curry and Draymond Green aren’t showing any signs of aging or slowing down. Andrew Wiggins has settled well in the team, understanding his role better in the situations. Coach Steve Kerr has proven to be one of the best coaches of all time also the young guns develop into a valuable pieces, firing on all cylinders. And more importantly, would you believe that the Warriors would let “the 2016 horror” happen again?

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