“You are pretty dumb” Draymond Green turns into prime Kevin Durant over ridiculous slander from ‘dumb’ fan on June 22nd

A brilliant example of new media ! Draymond Green backs former teammate Kevin Durant from a 'dumb' fan, despite having a fallout.

Draymond Green defends Kevin Durant from preposterous fan on Twitter
Draymond Green defends Kevin Durant from preposterous fan on Twitter
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Kevin Durant has been mocked and trolled at, even by his former teammate Draymond Green this season. Kevin Durant’s legacy came into question after the Warriors won their second title without him, equaling their record with him. Draymond and Durant have been quite vocal on social media, even engaging in a war of words over Durant’s time at the Warriors. While they appear to be at odds against each other, they miraculously finally found some common ground to agree on, which is their stance on ‘The New Media’.

Kevin Durant may have had the most upsetting seasons among all the players in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets was formed with the intention of making an immediate championship run but their dreams were shattered by teams simply much stronger than them chemistry wise. Sadly, they are out of the playoff race after getting swept in the first round.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry
Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry

The streets were filled with ecstasy as the Bay Area rallied their Mastermind Steve Kerr and King, Stephen Curry and his Championship heroes home, holding their pride and the Larry O’Brian trophy aloft, as San Francisco basked in the celebrations. This would have rubbed salt in Kevin Durant’s already wounded 2021-22 season, as he crashed out of the playoffs to the eventual finalists, the Boston Celtics.

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Amidst their jabs and spars, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant come together to call out ‘dumb’ fan

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Kevin Durant and Draymond Green

Each player in the NBA has a different way of handling troublesome fans on social media. While some prefer to simply ignore those comments and carry on with their lives, there are many who make sure to give a befitting reply to these fans. The likes of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant unquestionably fall into the second category. They are players who don’t care about the nonsense of any fans or analysts for that matter. If they believe they are right, they will talk openly about it.

Controversy has surrounded KD this postseason, as Charles Barkley reignited his beef with Durant, saying that Durant did not ‘drive’ the Warriors team. To shed further light on this KD was recently invited by the host of the PMT podcast on Twitter. When there was a post on Twitter pleading Durant to join the ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast, KD replied by stating that he has his own podcast and is quite happy with it. Following that, a fan decided to call out Durant’s take. This ultimately brings us to Dray defending his former teammate.

It was surprising to say at the very least, after all that has happened with KD and Draymond on Twitter, to see Dray have KD’s back against a random fan depicts that their tussle is among themselves and its better it stays that way. The ‘New Media’, as Draymond calls it , is much more efficient way of presenting sporting opinions, which include open discussions and healthy comparisons rather than heated debates and people going off on each other.

When the dust settles, Kevin Durant will still be regarded as one of the greatest scorers of the game, however, there are some events which have scarred his career including his decision to join the Golden State Warriors to win the two rings of his career. Regardless of the way KD behaved, he still was phenomenal during his stint with the Warriors.

While both Irving and Durant joined the Nets during the summer of 2019, it’s been an era of disappointment and untapped potential thus far. The Big 3 of the Nets, consisting of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden played just 16 games together, making it hard to cash in fully on their names. Durant missed a quarter of this season due to a knee injury.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green at Golden State Warriors
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green at Golden State Warriors

Draymond Green is one of the most toughest players ? Is there a more polarizing player in the NBA than Draymond Green ? none come to mind. He plays with emotion, trash talks constantly and loves to get under opponents’ skin. Fans are enjoying the back and forth and now are waiting for KD to reply back once again. They are out with the trolls and are also appreciating the side they back in the exchange.

Draymond has received huge praise from fans all around the world for speaking up on this topic, as players who actually played in their respective sports have a much better understanding of the league, people who actually have a first-hand perspective on sports topics as opposed to outside observers.

Despite the fact that Durant was amazing on the Warriors, he is yet to win an NBA Championship where he is leading the team and not surrounded by three other superstars. Once KD accomplishes that, we are sure no one will dare dismiss his legacy in the league, but until then, people will always find a way to discredit his championships. For now, it is truce among the former Warriors duo, but expect heavy trash talk on Twitter soon.

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