Elon Musk responds to LeBron James over Twitter racial slurs

Elon Musk responds to LeBron James over Twitter racial slurs

LeBron James and Elon Musk

LeBron James recently called out the richest guy on planet earth, Elon Musk. As the Lakers’ superstar expressed his concern for the upsurge in the usage of “N-Word” on Twitter. LeBron James has always been a voice and used all his social media platforms in the best possible ways. But that’s not how everyone is, especially on Twitter since Elon Musk bought it.

Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter for $44 billion after months of drama and now is set to make the social media platform better. As he wasn’t happy with their policies and now aims at bringing in more freedom for the users. But unfortunately, that’s not aging well. As according to reports the use of racial slurs, especially the N-Word has increased by nearly 500% since the acquisition. And, LeBron James isn’t happy with it as he called out the CEO of Tesla.

LeBron James expressed his concern by using his personal Twitter handle as retweeting to the reports of spark in the use of racial slurs, LeBron wrote: “I dont know Elon Musk and, tbh, I could care less who owns twitter.  But I will say that if this is true, I hope he and his people take this very seriously because this is scary AF.  So many damn unfit people saying hate speech is free speech.”

LeBron James ain’t someone you can ignore as he’s one of the best athletes out there and is also a strong social media celebrity influencing millions of people. So Elon Musk responded to the King and is really taking the matter seriously as said it is “Scary AF.” So responding to Bron the new “Chief Tweet” retweeted with a tweet of Twitter’s Head of Safety and Integrity, Yoel Roth.

York Roth in his tweet wrote: “Nearly all of these accounts are inauthentic. We’ve taken action to ban the users involved in this trolling campaign — and are going to continue working to address this in the days to come to make Twitter safe and welcoming for everyone.” He also put light on the fact that no changes were made in the policy so far. Maybe LeBron now has his answers and is happy with the response and the actions to be taken.

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LeBron James and Co. are no more a winless team

LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire
LeBron James- IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The Los Angeles Lakers were the only winless team in the league. But the story ain’t the same anymore. As they recently won against the Denver Nuggets and now maintain a 1-5 record. LeBron James finally had some help and guys to trust. As Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook did what everyone expects them to do every time they step on the court with the King.

If the Los Angeles Lakers are able to continue with this stretch and their players are able to build some good chemistry around while making the necessary improvements. Then without any doubt, they are a winning team. But if they fall down again and aren’t able to support LeBron James then it’s nothing but another terrible season for the Hollywood-based team.

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