“There’s a good chance….” NBA Analyst delivers stern warning to former MVP Russell Westbrook after Lakers register 0-5 start

“There’s a good chance….” NBA Analyst delivers stern warning to former MVP Russell Westbrook after Lakers register 0-5 start

Chris Mannix and Russell Westbrook

An NBA analyst has given out an ultimatum to Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook that his career is at stake due to his inconsistent performances. Russell Westbrook has failed to deliver for his team since he joined them. The analyst believes even trading him to another team wouldn’t revive his career if he keeps performing miserably.

Analyst Chris Mannix was talking on ‘The Dan Le Batard’ show where he quoted, “The hardest thing for any player is to accept when their athleticism is waning and their skills are declining. We saw it quite visibly with Allen Iverson towards the end of his career where he bounced around from Detroit to Memphis back to Philadelphia. Allen Iverson very easily could have tacked on three, four, five years of his career if he accepted the decline of his skills and accepted that he was a lesser player.”

Chris added, “You can see Westbrook sliding right down that Iversonian path where he’s not going to accept anything short of the role he had throughout the entirety of his career and he’s never going to accept that he’s not the player he was in Oklahoma City when he won an MVP.

He further added, “You can say to Russ, ‘Look you went to Houston. It didn’t work. You went to Washington. It didn’t work. Last season in L.A. It didn’t work.’ You can show him that there’s plenty of reasons why he should change, but he just won’t do it. And as long as he’s being this obstinate, there’s a pretty good chance we’re looking at the last season of Russell Westbrook’s career.”

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Russell Westbrook believes that the Los Angeles Lakers need to move in the right direction

Russell Westbrook

The former MVP has been the center of all criticism. Russell Westbrook fought the tough fight but the game resulted in a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Brodie came off the bench for the first time since his rookie season. He spoke to Spectrum SportsNet about the team’s progress and claims that they are going in the “right direction” in terms of energy.

The player stated that he felt satisfied with how they played against Minnesota. But he admitted having Anthony Davis back in rotation is also a requirement for the team’s overall progress. Russ believes nobody needs to feel sorry for them (Lakers) but that the team needs to get out and find a way to win.

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