“F**k Trae Young” chants aren’t a PROBLEM for Atlanta Hawks guard, negative chirps motivate his playoff run

Trae Young did not care about the chants directed towards him during the Hawks game 5 win over Boston

“F**k Trae Young” chants aren’t a PROBLEM for Atlanta Hawks guard, negative chirps motivate his playoff run

Trae Young

Trae Young embraced the negative chants towards him in the Atlanta Hawks game 5 win over the Boston Celtics. Young scored a match-winning 38-points, including the game-winning three, to keep the Hawks in the series after going 3-1 down to the Celtics. He received the usual ‘F**k Trae Young chants, which started in 2021, at the TD Garden.


Young commented on the chants, saying – When people say that think that’s just total respect. They ain’t doing it to everybody.” The chants started after Trae Young beat New York Knicks in game 1 of the first round of the 2021 playoffs and taunted the Madison Square Garden crowd. Young has had a bad run of form in the playoffs until recently where he has single-handedly kept Atlanta in this series.

Trae Young has had an incredible series so far averaging 29 points and 10 assists in five games against the Celtics. The all-star guard had his worst playoff run in 2022 while getting beat in five games by the Miami Heat. Trae Young has improved in field goal percentage, three-point percentage and points per game since then. Despite rumors of him parting ways with the Hawks, he has not shown any signs of slowing down so far.

Trae Young’s 38-point performance gave Atlanta their first playoff road win since 2021

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Trae Young v the New York Knicks in 2021 (Via Twitter)

The Atlanta Hawks had a historic playoff run in 2021 by toppling the #1-seeded Philadelphia 76ers in seven games in the second round and taking the Milwaukee Bucks to six games in the conference finals. However, since their game 1 win over Milwaukee in 2021, the Hawks have yet to win a road playoff game, as their only win against Miami in the 2022 series came at home.


The Atlanta Hawks won a thrilling contest last night, which saw them return from a 13-point Celtics lead. Trae Young leads the team in the fourth quarter, with 16 of his 38 points coming in that period. Young also scored all of Atlanta’s points in the last 3 minutes of the game in an iconic takeover from the all-star—Young sunk the winning three-pointer with just 1.8 seconds left on the clock.

The Atlanta Hawks travel back home for game 6 with a chance to level the series against all odds after going 3-1 down. 96% of teams having a 3-1 lead in the first round have gone on to win, and Young is attempting to create history for the Hawks. Trae Young seems to have hit a hot streak in the playoffs, and he will have to keep it up to beat the dominant Boston Celtics in game 6.

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