HYPED Lil Wayne rooting for father-son duo Bronny and LeBron James to play for Lakers

Bronny James has declared his availability for the NBA Draft and has also entered the NCAA transfer portal.

HYPED Lil Wayne rooting for father-son duo Bronny and LeBron James to play for Lakers

The prospect of Bronny James playing alongside LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers has Lil Wayne hyped

Bronny James recently declared for the upcoming NBA Draft, which took the internet by storm. While doing that, he has also entered the transfer portal as a backup option in case the draft does not work out to his intentions. It seems he wants to play alongside his father LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Despite the uncertainty looming over the same, rapper Lil Wayne is hyped about this possibly working out. While speaking over video conference on Undisputed, the Grammy award-winning rapper had quite a few words to say about James Jr.’s intentions.

It's a great idea man. To see LeBron James on a court with Bronny and actually playing a real game. C'mon now. That would be so motivating for any father around the world. That's just motivation period. That's family on the court.
Lil Wayne said

Lil Wayne alluded that as a father nothing makes him happier when he gets to do things together with his children. If LeBron James gets to play alongside his son, it would be the best feeling in the world, he added.

After Bronny James‘ college basketball season ended, many were quick to suggest that he should look at continuing for another year. Many felt that he was not ready for the NBA and additional conditioning as well as education in the game was more important than trying to force his way into the league.


However, he seems to have decided to enter the NBA Draft despite mock drafts suggesting he would not go undrafted. But it makes the situation easier for the Los Angeles Lakers to pick him up. After all, they do not have to worry about using a 1st round draft pick on him.

LeBron James can fulfil his dream of playing alongside his son

For father LeBron James, it could be a step in the right direction to fulfil his long-standing dream of playing alongside his son. What better way than to do it with the Los Angeles Lakers. After dodging trade rumors, James Sr. has made it clear he wants to continue playing in the purple and gold. Therefore, there are two ways Bronny James could line up alongside his son.

One is if the Lakers decide to use a 2nd round pick on him. Depending on where they finish in the postseason, the Lakers could be picking anywhere in the last 16 spots. The 6′ 4″ guard could impress in workouts to increase his draft stock. Secondly, if he goes undrafted, the Lakers are in a prime position to sign him up on a 2-way contract.

Either way, all roads are pointing towards the Crypto.com arena as his new home. And longtime Lakers fan Lil Wayne will be there to cheer them when the season opens in October.


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