“Skipped wedding to eat burgers and go clubbing” – James Harden DITCHES Joel Embiid’s big day, confirming LACK OF A RELATIONSHIP between 76ers duo

James Harden was notably absent at Sixers teammate's Joel Embiid's wedding.

“Skipped wedding to eat burgers and go clubbing” – James Harden DITCHES Joel Embiid’s big day, confirming LACK OF A RELATIONSHIP between 76ers duo

James Harden was absent from Joel Embiid's wedding (Credits: Michael Rubin / IG and Getty )

Joel Embiid celebrated a significant milestone in his personal life as he tied the knot with his girlfriend, Anna De Paula, on Saturday. The joyous occasion was attended by the Philadelphia 76ers squad. However, it was notable that James Harden was absent from both the wedding ceremony and the subsequent after-party.


The James Harden and Sixers drama seems to be escalating to new heights as the star’s recent behaviors have indicated his desire to exit. Harden’s absence in a critical moment for his teammate could also point to the fallout in his relationship with the organization.

Tuning out the drama, the ceremony on Saturday was a big step for Embiid as he weds his long-time girlfriend Anna de Paula, a Sports Illustrated model. However, the wedding pictures sparked online rumors, stirring speculation among fans and the media.

Following the wedding party, a picture of the Sixers squad surfaced online where Georges Niang, Tyrese Maxey, De’Anthony Melton, and Tobias Harris were all in the photo. Although it was not the entire squad, Harden’s omission was noticeably apparent.


The mystery surrounding James Harden’s absence at Joel Embiid’s wedding was quickly resolved when the star player posted an Instagram story showing him enjoying burgers at a club. However, many fans and media outlets have also speculated that Harden’s decision to skip the wedding might be linked to Daryl Morey’s presence at the event. Reports suggest that Morey and Harden are not on the best terms, particularly due to Morey’s refusal to comply with Harden’s trade request.

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James Harden trade talks might be in SHAMBLES

James Harden
James Harden (image via USA Today)

Months after James Harden’s trade request from the Sixers, no concrete advancements have materialized, leaving the request still pending in the front office. This ongoing situation has reportedly caused a rift between Harden and the team’s front office.

As per a report, Harden is still expected to join the Sixers’ training camp despite his desire to join the Los Angeles Clippers. Although no actual offers have been made between the two franchises, the Beard had made it clear that LA is his preferred trade destination.


The trade request reportedly stemmed from a financial disagreement between Daryl Morey and James Harden. It is important to mention that Harden took a pay cut last year to give the team flexibility to sign PJ Tucker from the Miami Heat. It was assumed around the league that Harden would be given a hefty contract this summer. However, Morey has withdrawn his initial promises following Harden’s lackluster performance this past season.

As of the current situation, the Sixers appear firm in their decision not to accommodate James Harden’s trade request. While other teams, such as the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat, are closely monitoring the Sixers’ stance on Harden, they seem reluctant to rush in for the former league MVP.

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