James Harden to end Russell Westbrook’s chance at NBA title? Insider reveals Clippers’ SHOCKING plan

Sources suggest that Russell Westbrook's place in the roster might be replaced by James Harden.

James Harden to end Russell Westbrook’s chance at NBA title? Insider reveals Clippers’ SHOCKING plan

(L) Russell Westbrook; (R) James Harden (Via sporting)

The LA Clippers signed Russell Westbrook from the Los Angeles Lakers. The former MVP was traded to the Clippers in the last season, which placed him alongside star players such as Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard.

In accordance with the latest reports that have surfaced with the trade of James Harden to the Clippers in the recent NBA offseason from the Philadelphia 76ers, it is to be speculated that Harden’s trade is to replace Westbrook’s position in the roster which may indicate to a possible end of the former MVP’s contract.


In his short tenure with the LA Clippers, Westbrook turned his game around, giving fans and critics impressive numbers and performance on both ends of the basketball floor. Westbrook, as a guard for the Clippers, made a significant contribution to the team by averaging 15.2 points per game including seven assists and 5.5 rebounds in the 31 games he has made appearances so far in the ongoing NBA regular season.

But Law Murray, reporting for the Athletic, sheds light on the franchise’s possible reason to bring James Harden on board. Murray remarked:

The reality of this move is that Harden was brought in to ultimately replace Westbrook in the case that a partnership between the two players on the floor did not work. While [Tyronn] Lue advocated for Westbrook, the Clippers front office has always preferred a point guard who is a theoretical fit with Leonard and George in terms of size and shooting ability.

Harden’s trade to the Clippers was definitely under speculation as if a comparison has to be drawn between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Both the guards are known to be dominant ball handlers in the league, with each coming along with hefty contracts. Therefore, fans and NBA analysts didn’t know what to expect by putting in two guards of more or less the same caliber. So far, Harden’s arrival to the LA Clippers hasn’t yielded the team any good and instead has handed them over with six consecutive losses.


While there is a possibility that the news surfaced may have nothing to do with the combination of Harden and Westbrook playing alongside each other, this may be a result of some big changes that the Clippers’ front office may be planning to put in motion. So far, Russell Westbrook’s position in the Clippers’ roster seems uncertain and he possibly can be on the move again for a different team.

Doc Rivers predicts that Russell Westbrook can be the “fall guy” in Los Angeles again

Russell Westbrook, playing for his hometown, the City of Los Angeles, poured in a bunch of mixed responses from the fanbase and of LA and NBA analysts. Westbrook’s tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers was heavily criticized by fans and experts. They blamed him for not being able to get in sync with the team and was humiliated at every step of the way in his tenure.

Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers (Credits: NBA)

With his trade, the Clippers took him in and Russell Westbrook has been back again with impressive numbers and performance. But former basketball coach Doc Rivers claims that Westbrook can again be the fall guy for the team’s current problems and believes that he shouldn’t be the scapegoat.

He’s going to turn out to be the fall guy, and he shouldn’t be. The shooting is still the factor, but he makes plays. He’s not a great defensive player, and the biggest thing in Miami is, he would pass the body fat test everywhere.
Rivers on the Bill Simons podcast

The former Clippers coach knows a thing or two about being a ‘fall guy’. Hopefully Rivers’ prediction for the former MVP doesn’t turn out true and LA fans get to see more of Westbrook.

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