“Spare your own child” Jayson Tatum embarrasses 4-year-old son Duece in own camp

In a training camp, Jayson Tatum was seen bulling his son with his NBA skills. While it was a father-son moment, fans certainly didn’t appreciate the treatment given by JT.

Jayson Tatum with son Deuce
Jayson Tatum with son Deuce

Jayson Tatum loves his son a lot. And the feeling is mutual, as we have seen the star kid joining his father for his games and in his locker room also. But with some fatherly love, Tatum also gave his son some hard time, teaching the 4-year-old how hard life is. The incident was captured on camera and went viral in no time. It was when Deuce was on his way to score a basket at the basketball camp, that the Celtics forward just followed him, pulled up from behind, towered over him, and blocked his shot ruthlessly. Deuce was shocked by that and so were JT’s fans.

The NBA offseason can be one of the worst times for a player who is captured doing some “unpopular” actions; on or off the court. People who love catching daily basketball action, they get more free time catching up with the news and all BB-related stuff. And when they come across such activities, that particular player gets haunted till the time the regular season starts. Also, the player has to perform miraculously well to make people forget about the bitter event.  

The four and a half months of the offseason feel like an eternity. However, this is the perfect time for players to work on their skills and develop the part of the game that was lacking in past seasons.

Jayson Tatum remains the centerpiece for the Boston Celtics moving ahead.

Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum

Boston Celtics might have won 17 NBA titles in the league, but in reality, they have won 6 titles in the last 5 decades with the last one coming in 2008. The franchise is desperate to get on to some winning runs that they experienced in Bill Russell Era and Larry Bird Era. With that in mind, they had the best chance in the 2022 season as their young team made it to the Finals.

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But after a loss in 6 games against Golden State Warriors, the Celtics might be looking to give some fine touches to their finalist team. But going ahead with the moves they have clearly kept the reigning Eastern conference Finals MVP out of any trade discussions.

The 24-year-old star made huge progress in the league as his performances carried the Celtics team in the hard-fought Eastern Conference. Jayson Tatum had his personal best season in 2022 averaging 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists per game for the team. This was his best production on every front over his 5-year career. His form continued in the playoffs, helping the team to their 1st NBA Finals after a gap of 12 seasons.

While Tatum proved to be an inspirational star for his Celtics team, he has been the same off the court. Often seen hosting camps for kids and aspiring hoopers, JT manages to stay in touch with BB in the offseason. And as mentioned earlier, this offseason Jayson Tatum attended a camp in St. Louis with his 4-year-old son Deuce Tatum. The father-son combo is a delight for all the fans, and they surely had everyone’s attention at the camp as well.

While their pairing looked adorable, the same can’t be said about his actions. JT showed no mercy to his 4-year-old. NBA Twitter had a blast talking about the same,

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