“It’s not a desirable job” JJ Reddick & Stephen A Smith raises huge concerns over various candidates for the Lakers’ Head Coach

Who will bring bring an end to these turbulent times in the LA Lakers, JJ Reddick and Stephen A Smith discuss the candidates on ESPN

Stephen A Smith and JJ Reddick
Stephen A Smith and JJ Reddick

Stephen A Smith & JJ Reddick were at it again as they went over the head-coach candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers. The LA Lakers are getting all the limelight this postseason as they get to grips with their disastrous season and look for change in personnel. The Los Angeles Lakers star-studded team not making into the playoffs was and is one of the biggest talking points in and around the world of NBA. With One of the All-Time Greats, LeBron James himself, and two future Hall of Famers in Anthony Davis and freshly traded, Russell Westbrook, the Lakers looked scary on paper, not so much on court.

Lakers had won the NBA Championship just 2 years ago in 2020, under the supervision of the head coach, Frank Vogel. They now find themselves in need of a coach after ending their worst season ever in franchise history and firing Frank. With the clock ticking on LeBron James’ future with the organization, they face even more pressure to call the right shots.

Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis And LeBron James
Lakers Big 3 – Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles is reportedly going to take their time in their search, but an optimal deadline would be before the 2022 NBA Draft. After Frank Vogel was sacked in a rather demeaning manner after a tough and challenging 2021-22 season, Jeanie Buss and the Los Angeles Lakers have a task to hire a new and appealing head coach.

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“Don’t have a young star on the roster”- JJ Reddick

Top Candidates for Lakers Head Coach
Top Candidates for Lakers Head Coach

The controlling owner and president of the LA Lakers, Jeanie Buss, spoke to the media and revealed that Magic Johnson and Phil Jackson are back with the organization. The two franchise legends won five rings each with the Purple and Gold and are there to advise Buss moving forward. As the front office scrutinizes all options available, as Doc River, Quin Snyder and Darvin Ham are the ones most suited to take the job. Debating as usual on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ were JJ Reddick and Stephen A Smith, Reddick puts forth his veiws saying its not a desirable job anymore

“I don’t think this was the right time for Juwan Howard, he’s getting to coach his sons at his alma mater and will have his choice of head coaching jobs in the NBA, should he go down that route at any point in time. On your point about Terry Stott, who I think was one of the most underrated coaches in his tenure, with the Trail Blazers, consistently got that team to overachieve and consistently got that team to the playoffs.

Magic Johnson and Pat Riley in Showtime Lakers 1987
Magic Johnson and Pat Riley in Showtime Lakers 1987

Kenny Atkinson did a great job, building the culture there and probably wasn’t a great fit with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving so that probably won’t be a great fit with Lebron James and Russell Westbrook. You have to be able to deal with Big egos and star players.” Reddick explained.

JJ Reddick continued “Look, if it’s not going to be Mark Jackson, I like the idea of hiring Darvin Ham. Number one, he’s played in the NBA and there’s a catch that comes with that, he’s been a part of developing players in Milwaukee, he’s been part of Championship teams in Milwaukee, he has great experience doing that, and he’s got a personality. I think you need a personality, if you’re going to coach star players. The other point I wanted to make, you know, just about the Lakers, if you’re a coach looking at this job, like there are short term concerns and there are long term concerns.”

“The short term, of course, is how do you build a competent roster around those 3 guys. How do you figure out how to use Westbrook and get him to play to his strengths. How do you look at Lebron potentially at some point having decline and not having any young players on the roster now that you can develop into star players, there’s not necessarily a Jordan Poole on that roster or a Kawhi Leonard when he was a young player for the Spurs and you don’t have draft picks.

So for me, it just is not a desirable job. I look at it, if i’m a coach and coaches want to coach, coaches are addicted to coaching and I get why people want the job but it’s not a desirable job.

“Let Me say this to you, you’ve said this on numerous occasions, and I’m not tryna disagree with you but lets understand something, If you said to me, Im gonna get the same Lebron because Lebron isn’t the Athletic Demon he was years ago. But the man is such a brilliant basketball player, he’ll find a way to give you his 25-30 on average per night. Russel Westbrook is problematic because he is a misfit for this roster, but in the end, we have to start asking ourselves the question about the durability of Anthony Davis. If I Have Lebron James and Anthony Davis healthy? Then I’m a playoff team !” Stephen A Smith retorted.

In the modern-day NBA, you often hear about “Big man coaches”, “Point Guard Whisperers” and “Offensive/Defensive specialists”. Darvin Ham is a basketball coach plain and simple, he knows his game plan and has been part of some of the best teams of the last decade with the Hawks and Bucks. Lakers could really use his experience and would be an ideal coach for LeBron James.

Lakers hunt for gold continues, as this offseason could have bigger implications than their regular season did. As for JJ Reddick and Stephen A Smith, they are two poles who just cant meet !

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