“This is why Steve Kerr keeps him glued to the bench” – Jonathan Kuminga FAILS TO IMPRESS fans with his soccer move

NBA Fans end up trolling Jonathan Kuminga for his remarkable header on the soccer field as he signed a one-day contract with Real Madrid.

“This is why Steve Kerr keeps him glued to the bench” – Jonathan Kuminga FAILS TO IMPRESS fans with his soccer move

Jonathan Kuminga (Source: Instagram/Jonathan Kuminga)

Jonathan Kuminga has once again caught the attention of fans and media, and this time, it’s not solely about his role with the Golden State Warriors in the upcoming season. Surprisingly, it’s his impressive soccer skills that have sparked discussions. Displaying remarkable progress, the young talent seems to be on the right track to fulfill the high expectations the Warriors fans have of him. Recently, Kuminga showcased his soccer prowess, channeling his inner Cristiano Ronaldo.


Kuminga took to his Instagram stories to share the news of signing a one-day contract with Real Madrid. The unique opportunity was made possible through a sponsorship deal with Abbott Nutrition, the creators of the Ensure Nutrition Shake. The one-day contract had him listed as a team member and Kuminga even participated in various soccer drills.

The young gun not only shoot penalties but also stunned everyone with a jaw-dropping 10-foot header. With just a short runway of two steps, he soared into the air and perfectly connected with the ball hanging high above the ground. While this feat would have been a record-breaking moment for any soccer star, some basketball fans aren’t easily impressed by his soccer abilities, as they are already well aware of his extraordinary bounce and explosive prowess on the basketball court.

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Fans troll Jonathan Kuminga for his 10-foot header

Jonathan Kuminga
Golden State Warriors forward Jonathan Kuminga (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Jonathan Kuminga’s exceptional soccer skills may have generated buzz on social media, but the expectations from NBA fans, especially from Dub Nation, remain sky-high. Instead of celebrating his achievement on the soccer field, some fans have taken to Twitter to express their concerns about his jumper and the need for greater dominance in the paint. While appreciating his versatility, many argue that Kuminga should focus on improving his NBA performance, urging him to focus on becoming a dominant force on the hardwood.

The reactions posted by fans on Twitter can be found below:

The Golden State Warriors are fueled by a thirst for revenge as they set their sights on another title in the upcoming season. Making strategic moves, the team bid farewell to Jordan Poole and welcomed the addition of Chris Paul. The potential mentorship from a seasoned player like Draymond Green holds tremendous promise for Jonathan Kuminga, signaling a potential breakout season for the young talent. However, for the Warriors to truly shine, they must come together as a cohesive unit.

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