WATCH: “Is he gonna shoot it?” Jordan Poole contemplating shooting after COMICAL fall on court has commentators in splits

Jordan Poole's efforts are not enough as the Washington Wizards lose their 16th straight game.

WATCH: “Is he gonna shoot it?” Jordan Poole contemplating shooting after COMICAL fall on court has commentators in splits

Washington Wizards star Jordan Poole had a comical situation with the ball in his hands while seated on the court (Image via Statmamba/X)

It is normal for basketball players to hustle on most plays during a game. But it is also hilarious when some of those hustles lead to comical scenarios. Jordan Poole, the Washington Wizards star, got into a situation today that left the commentators in splits.

During the game against the Orlando Magic today, Jordan Poole and the Wizards were leading in the first quarter. In the final 30 seconds of the play, the Wizards collected a rebound and passed it out to Poole. As Poole grabbed the ball, the Magic’s Cole Anthony lunged at him, causing the guard to fall onto the floor. After rolling from the fall, Poole ended up in a sitting position on the court with the ball in his hands.

A couple of seconds later, Poole was still sitting with the ball in his hands, which led the commentators to chuckle and say;

Is he gonna shoot it? Don't do it.

Poole eventually passed the ball to Bilal Coulibaly. But the entire scenario lasted a few seconds and the entire arena roared during the possession.

Jordan Poole’s hilarious situation caused even his bench to stand up and have their hands over their heads. And the commentators were left chuckling too. To Poole’s credit, he did not have anyone guarding him throughout that scenario. He had an open lane to shoot. And it seems everyone in the arena wanted that too.

But he chose the wise decision and stopped himself from causing an even bigger comical situation. He has had his fair share of hilarious situations this season. But this would have been the most hilarious to date had he shot the ball. And most definitely, it would top this week’s Shaqtin A Fool list.

Jordan Poole’s comical fall and the Washington Wizards’ losing streak

The Washington Wizards traded for Jordan Poole, so he can be their next franchise cornerstone. So far, he has been disappointed in both aspects, which has led to him contributing to the bench. But since he moved to the bench, his production has improved a bit. But it has not been enough as the Wizards continue to lose games.

The Washington Wizards’ loss tonight to the Orlando Magic was their 16th consecutive one. Poole and fellow star Kyle Kuzma gave their best. But it was not enough for the Wizards as they gave up a 21-point lead. Such is the lack of defense and overall gameplan that the Wizards are staring at being the worst team in the league.

Jordan Poole hustled on that play to continue the possession for the Wizards. But his comical efforts are not helping the Washington Wizards win games. But at least the fans and the commentators were entertained.

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