Josh Giddey accused of pedophilia as shocking videos surface online

OKC's rising star seen with a minor, who posted a snap captioned: "Just f*cked Josh Giddey."

Josh Giddey accused of pedophilia as shocking videos surface online

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey was seen in intimate situations with a minor (via AP, X)

In a startling development that has sent shockwaves through the NBA community, Josh Giddey, the young Australian sensation of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is facing severe allegations of pedophilia. Videos and images purportedly showing Giddey with an underage girl have gone viral, sparking widespread disbelief and concern among fans and the public alike.


The controversy began to unfold when footage allegedly showing Giddey with a girl identified as Liv Cook leaked online. Liv is reported to be a junior in high school and this incident has raised serious questions about Giddey’s conduct.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA have yet to issue formal statements regarding these allegations. The silence from these organizations has only fueled further speculation and concern about how the league handles such serious accusations, especially given its family-friendly image.

Josh Giddey, 21, in his third NBA season, has been a key player for the Thunder. These disturbing allegations have now overshadowed his impressive performances on the court, which include being the youngest player to record a triple-double.


This might be it for Josh Giddey

The legal implications for Giddey could be severe if the allegations are proven true. In the United States, engaging in sexual activities with a minor is considered a serious offense. The age of consent varies by state, but in many states, it is 18 years.

Josh Giddey’s career might be over now (HoopsHype)

The public reaction has been one of shock and condemnation. Fans and commentators on social media have expressed their disappointment and anger, with many calling for a thorough investigation into the matter. The NBA community, known for its active social media presence, has been vocal in demanding accountability and transparency.

Josh Giddey’s career, until now celebrated for his rapid rise and record-breaking performances, is at a crossroads. How he and the NBA address these allegations will likely have long-lasting implications for his professional and personal reputation.

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