“F**k BLM” – Josh Giddey’s agent fired for DESPICABLE social media post about Israel – Palestine war

Masika Kalysha slams Josh Giddey for his relations with a minor girl.

“F**k BLM” – Josh Giddey’s agent fired for DESPICABLE social media post about Israel – Palestine war

Daniel Moldovan and Josh Giddey (Credits: SEAI and The Sydney Morning Herald)

The well-known agency Octagon fired Josh Giddey’s representative, Daniel Moldovan. It is because of his response to a conflicting social media post. This incident is unrelated to the current investigation into Giddey, an Oklahoma City Thunder guard, who has been charged with having inappropriate relations with a minor. Moldovan’s termination is noteworthy progress in the current circumstance. Emphasizing the potentially terrible consequences for those associated with this matter.

According to Ethan Sherwood Strauss, a former writer for The Athletic, it made the move in response to an Instagram post criticizing a Black Lives Matter post endorsing the October 7 Hamas massacre in Israel. In addition to depressing a lot of social media users. Moldovan’s criticizing comment also sparked questions about the professionalism of those working in the entertainment sector. Moldovan will stay on as Giddey’s manager despite this.

The company Octagon said:

Octagon became aware that Daniel Moldovan made divisive, disparaging, and corrosive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for.

Moldovan’s termination, according to the agency, was due to persistent performance issues and a disregard for company policies.

Although Daniel Moldovan’s termination is unrelated to the ongoing investigation into Josh Giddey, concerns regarding its effect on the Thunder guard’s case are unavoidable. The dismissal may affect the investigation’s conclusion, as well as people’s faith and confidence in Giddey’s legal counsel.

Masika Kalysha criticized Josh Giddey for his actions

Masika Kalysha, an American actress, singer, and reality TV personality, is also well-known for using social media to voice her opinions on a variety of topics. She recently accused NBA player Josh Giddey of having an improper relationship with a minor, criticizing Josh openly.
She put the NBA to the test and urged them to take the case seriously right away. Her example of apparent prejudice in the NBA’s handling of similar cases—particularly involving black athletes—was impressive.

Daniel Moldovan and Josh Giddey
Daniel Moldovan and Josh Giddey (Credits: WWOS Nine)

Giddey was called a “disgusting piece of sh*t” and a “privileged pedophile” by Kalysha in a post on X. Kalysha stated that she thought Giddey would be severely punished. Possibly kicked out of the NBA if he wasn’t white. She demanded that the NBA take appropriate action right away and impose charges.

It appears that the Newport Beach Police are working to protect everyone’s privacy and dignity while conducting an impartial, thorough investigation. Right now, the NBPD detectives are deep in the middle of a busy investigation. The police have urged the public to contact their department if they have any relevant data.

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