“Averaging 15 on and off the court” – Josh Giddey’s alleged pedophilia has NBA fans cracking WILD jokes

Pictures of Josh Giddey with a minor girl named Livv Cook got virled.

“Averaging 15 on and off the court” – Josh Giddey’s alleged pedophilia has NBA fans cracking WILD jokes

Josh Giddey (Credits: Sports Illustrated).

NBA player Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder has caused a great deal of controversy. This came as a result of appearing in photos and videos with an alleged underage girl. As leaked video of Josh Giddey with an allegedly minor girl went viral on Wednesday, Giddey came under fire on X. Leaked footage featuring Giddey and the X user shared a girl named Liv Cook.


A photo appears to be from Snapchat in which Giddey embraced her around the neck. She is supposedly a high school sophomore. Liv boasted on social media about having sex with Giddey, and it appears the player felt at ease enough with her to lead people to believe this. An unidentified source initially shared the pictures online.

The accusations against Giddey gained traction after a different Snapchat picture of him and the purportedly minor on X surfaced. He posed next to the girl in the photo with an explicit caption. She wrote in the caption, “Just f**ked Josh Giddey.”

Although this source removed the post, the damage had already been done, and Josh Giddey’s career was now seriously in jeopardy. All it takes to end one’s career short in the NBA—a league known for its peculiar double standards. Meanwhile, Giddey has obscured his Instagram profile photo. When fans attempted to criticize him on his profile, he also disabled the comments section.


Fans react to Josh Giddey’s photos with a minor girl

Josh Giddey may soon be facing a number of accusations if the latest video and rumors are to be believed. They have reported that the girl’s brother posted a couple of the videos in which Giddey was seen talking to and about a fifteen-year-old high school student. The player described how he was “headed home with his girl” in the second video.

Josh Giddey
Josh Giddey (Credits: X)

Following the release of a video claiming to show Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder having a romantic relationship with a minor, fans took to social media in shock. One of the users said, “Averaging 15 on and off the court.” As we know, the girl in the video is allegedly a 15-year-old, and Josh has 10 to 15 points in his games. In today’s game, Thunder vs Bulls, he had 10 points. Check out some of the fan reactions:

Many people are curious as to what the legal age of consent is in the state of Oklahoma, maybe in light of Josh Giddey’s scandalous circumstances. As per Oklahoma Criminal Defence, 16 is the legal age of consent in the state. The NBA has started to look into the matter. Only time will tell what Giddey’s future looks like.


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