“Definitely GUILTY” – Josh Giddey gives bizarre answer to pedophilia allegations, NBA fans convinced he did it

Fans are convinced of Josh Giddey's guilt as he chose not to comment on the allegations.

“Definitely GUILTY” – Josh Giddey gives bizarre answer to pedophilia allegations, NBA fans convinced he did it

Josh Giddey replies to alleged accusations (screengrab via X)

In light of the allegations against Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Josh Giddey being involved with a 15-year-old minor girl from junior high school, has caught everyone’s attention across the basketball community. Subsequently, Giddey has been subject to a lot of criticism and speculation and it turns out maybe he is guilty of this, a recent interview with Giddey suggests.

The controversy surrounding Josh Giddey is escalating. Recently, a Twitter user posted pictures suggesting a relationship between Giddey and the minor girl, identified as Liv Cook. In the leaked photos, Giddey is seen with his hand around her neck.

During a recent interview, reporters asked OKC’s star guard Josh Giddey about serious allegations. Giddey replied:

I understand the question, obviously, but no further comments. 

Now, fans and critics are speculating and drawing conclusions about the fact that Josh Giddey is guilty of being involved with a minor. However, there is no official statement from the team or any detailed explanation by Giddey himself.

Recently, an Instagram page called “OC Beers” made allegations about Josh Giddey having a relationship with a minor. While the legal age varies across the US cities, Oklahoma’s age of consent is 16. However, it’s crucial to note that these accusations against Giddey are unproven. Currently, he is not facing any confirmed charges.

NBA fans react to Josh Giddey’s reply on the allegation raised in an interview

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s star guard Josh Giddey is in a bind with the recent allegations against him and is at the center of heavy speculation and criticism by fans all across the community of basketball. In a recent interview with the guard, reporters questioned the guard about his relationship with a minor to which Giddey declined to comment.

Josh Giddey
Josh Giddey

Fans with Giddey’s response are speculating that he is guilty for sure and there is no way these allegations aren’t true. Fans took to Twitter to share their views. Here are some fan reactions:

The allegations were raised with the viral post circling around Twitter hours after the Thunder’s matchup with the Chicago Bulls at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City.

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