Teammate Chet Holmgren unfollows Josh Giddey as pedophilia allegations surround him

The minor, Liv Cook, has now come forward and admitted to dating the OKC star.

Teammate Chet Holmgren unfollows Josh Giddey as pedophilia allegations surround him

Dubbed 'Chetmate', the dynamic duo was one of the best young talents in the league last season (Chet Holmgren, Josh Giddey, Associated Press)

After videos and images showing Josh Giddey with an underage girl went viral on X (formerly Twitter), the Oklahoma Thunder City’s star guard has been facing scrutiny and fans are in disbelief. OKC center-forward and a close teammate and friend of Josh, Chet Holmgren, has apparently even started cutting him off, with the latter recently unfollowing him and deleting a tweet on how they share a wonderful chemistry.

Although OKC hasn’t released any official statement regarding this situation yet, no NBA team will condone this sort of behavior under any circumstances. The situation has already become well-known to almost everyone who follows the NBA, and with the girl recently admitting to dating Josh Giddey, it is almost over for the OKC’s ‘former’ rising star.

Both Josh Giddey and Chet Holmgren are indispensable to the Oklahoma City Thunder, possessing extremely high basketball IQs and benefitting from each other’s presence in multiple ways. The latter was already a great prospect, but their chemistry this season has depicted how much Giddey raises what Holmgren can achieve by himself.

Last season, Josh had been instrumental as the Oklahoma City Thunder fought for a post-season spot, averaging 17.7 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 6.7 assists per game. Dubbed ‘Chetmate’, Josh had this to say about the duo’s nickname last summer:

Oh yeah!.... As soon as we’re back to playing regular season, we’re straight back to it. It’s a deep team, we got a lot of guys we can look to. Obviously, some new draft picks this year, so we’re excited. Everyone’s healthy again so it’ll be good.

The duo’s chemistry was a cherry on top of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s isolation game. The Thunder seemed to have a bright future ahead of themselves. Things will probably never be the same before, as Josh’s true colors reveal themselves.

More on the Josh Giddey scandal

The controversy unfolded when videos and suggestive images of Josh Giddey with a junior-high student went viral on X. In a clip he can be seen talking to her brother, while another clip shows him referring to the now 15-year old identified as Liv Cook as ‘his girl’. This incident has raised questions about Josh’s conduct.

Some of the leaked photos from the X post of Josh Giddey and Liv Cook

Josh Giddey blocked comments on his Instagram profile as fans tried to call him out. He also blacked out his profile picture recently. Some fans have also discovered Liv Cook’s profile and are unnecessarily spamming Josh gifs in the comments as a ‘joke’.

Some fans have reached too far, already making jokes about the situation which can be seen as distasteful. This situation really highlights how social media has impacted our society in general, and instead of quieting down for the sake of a young and innocent girl people continue to gossip about it for mere clout.

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