“Taj Mahal seems awesome” Kareem Abdul Jabbar calls out ‘British hypocrite’ citing Queen Elizabeth’s ‘reign of terror’ in India

Kareem Abdul Jabbar becomes another person to respond to the reporter who faced backlash for remarking derisive takes on the British rule in India.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Queen Elizabeth II
Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Queen Elizabeth II

Without a question, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his contributions to society have been enormous, particularly during the American civil rights struggle. The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar publicly criticised the take by a news reporter regarding the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II and her reign in India where Kareem admired the Taj Mahal.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a basketball star, is regarded as one of the best ever. Throughout his playing career, the famed Los Angeles Lakers star was a force to be reckoned. Throughout his whole career and beyond, Kareem has also consistently been at the forefront of social justice concerns. Whether it’s about the Vietnam War, the Black Lives Matter movement, or the recent passing of the Queen, Kareem is never reluctant to express his opinions. Hot takes were being circulated in wake of the Queen’s passing, and one of them involved Tucker Carlson.

A well-known anchor made a significant remark regarding the Queen’s control in India and Kareem didn’t like the way he portrayed India and its cultural heritage.

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his supremacy over the NBA

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is perhaps the most accomplished player in NBA history. He received six MVP awards, two NBA Finals MVP trophies, and six championships. He was a durable player in the league and still maintains the record for most points scored in a regular season career with his signature shot, the “sky hook.” After being awarded the best player in the NCAA Tournament in 1967, 1968, and 1969, he was chosen first overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1969. The league’s all-time top scorer, Abdul Jabbar retired from basketball in 1989 with 38,387 points, 17,440 rebounds, 3,189 blocks, and 1,560 games played.

Abdul Jabbar set the standard for a consistent and efficient double-digit scorer who often dominated the game with high scoring numbers and rebounds. He had at least 10 points in every game during his playing career, and at the time the run ended, he had 787 straight games with at least 10 points. On May 13, 2021, the NBA established the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Social Justice Award with the intention of recognizing a current NBA player for their dedication to social justice causes. He was inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame and the NBA 50th and 75th anniversary teams as a culmination of his accomplishments.

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Abdul Jabbar weighs in on a reporter’s irreverent portrayal of India

Fox News host Tucker Carlson boasted over the services the British had made to India, the nation they reigned over for more than 200 years, during one of Queen Elizabeth’s tributes. The host continued by pointing out that, in contrast to US, the English took their responsibilities as invaders seriously and controlled the country with a dignity other than any country. He said: “When the British pulled out of India, they left behind an entire civilization, a language, a legal system, schools, churches and public buildings, all of which are still in use today.” He then added: “After 75 years of independence, has that country produced a single building as beautiful as the Bombay train station the British colonialists built.?”

Politicians, analysts, and social media users have criticised his remarks as being ignorant and racist. Kareem Abdul Jabbar also joined the conversation and refuted his opinion regarding the buildings. He stated: ”Quick word about Carlson’s claim that India couldn’t produce any buildings as lovely as the train depot. Uh, Taj Mahal seems pretty awesome. Even though it doesn’t have tracks.” This is done at a time when the Queen’s passing has reignited a delicate discussion over the empire’s colonial legacy.

Additionally, the Taj Mahal was really established before the British governed India, and discussions about the effects of British rule on India are likely to last for a very long time. There might be issues from time to time based on this topic, but all we can do now is stop creating conflicts out of it.

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