“I used to live in the shadows” Brittney Griner broke a player’s nose after being frustrated to hide her reality in public

Brittney Griner once punched a player in the face when playing for Baylor because of the tensions that did arise due to her sexuality.

Brittney Griner elbowing a player
Brittney Griner elbowing a player

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner, unquestionably one of Baylor University‘s greatest athletes in history, acknowledges that she wasn’t always at comfortable as a member of the Lady Bears. Jordan Barncastle of Texas Tech was once punched in the face by Griner, shocking the whole world of collegiate basketball and the reason behind it was startling.

Despite being detained in Russia, Brittney Griner’s return home has been anxiously anticipated by the sports world. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner, a star of the Women’s National Basketball Association, was found guilty of marijuana possession earlier in August and sentenced to nine years in jail by a Russian court. According to reports, the US government wanted to carry out a prisoner swap to bring Griner home. Every chance they have, people from all over the world have given their opinions on this specific topic, and her fellow league members have done the same. They have condemned the higher authorities for their incompetence.

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Brittney Griner’s basketball excellence and her current perilous state

Brittney Griner has been a member of the Phoenix Mercury since she was chosen by the team in the first round of the 2013 WNBA Draft out of Baylor University. The 31-year-old is regarded as one of the elite players in the league and was chosen in 2021 as one of the top 25 players in WNBA history. In addition to winning the Player of the Year Award and the national collegiate title in 2012, she has also won two Olympic gold medals and a WNBA championship since starting her professional career in 2013 with the US women’s national basketball team. In 2013, she became Nike’s first openly gay athlete to sign an endorsement contract.

Brittney Griner has been held by the Russian government since her arrest on February 17 at the Sheremetyevo International Airport on the allegations that she had presence of vape cartridges comprising cannabis oil, which are prohibited in that country. Griner competes overseas during the WNBA summer to boost her earnings and stay consistent with her expertise, like many other female basketball players. Griner was stopped en route to joining the Russian Women’s Basketball Premier League club from UMMC Ekaterinburg. Griner claimed to have a prescription for cannabis oil and to have packed unwillingly, but she claimed not to be aware of how the items came to be in her luggage.

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Griner punching a fellow opponent when at Baylor

After her father learned that she was lesbian, Brittney Griner struggled with her sexuality all the way through her final year. Griner came out as homosexual to coach Kim Mulkey when she joined Baylor. Mulkey assured her that he was unconcerned as long as she continued to give her all on the court. However, things started getting problematic when Griner went out on Valentine’s Day with her partner, and Mulkey was not delighted about it. Griner has become impatient with “living in the shadows.” Her impatience and rage occasionally showed on the floor. Therefor, the WNBA superstar once attacked a Texas Tech player, breaking her nose, leading to a two-game suspension during her first season.

Despite the fact that it is regretful that she doesn’t have a good relationship with Baylor in light of everything that she gave to the institution and the achievements it enabled, Griner may take solace in the fact that she continues to inspire people on a daily basis. Griner clearly embraces who she is, which is a wonderful model to follow. It’s possible that Griner may go back to her home eventually. Talks on a prisoner swap, in which Griner may be made to return to the US, are still in progress, according to latest information from Russian officials.

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