Kevin Garnett DESTROYS Warriors, claims Steph Curry and co. not even worthy of play-in spot

The former NBA player says that the Warriors will be superceeded by other teams

Kevin Garnett DESTROYS Warriors, claims Steph Curry and co. not even worthy of play-in spot

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (Image credits - One Sports)

Kevin Garnett is not a person to mince words. The NBA veteran made no bones about the current situation at the Golden State Warriors in a candid conversation with his old teammate, Paul Pierce on “The KG Podcast”. Garnett, remarked that the Warriors will not only be unfit for the playoffs but also not deserve to take part in the extremely hard Western Conference play-in tournament.


The seven-time champs are now eleventh in the Western Conference. They lost nine out of the twenty games they have played. The Warriors this season have often blown major leads in unsatisfying games. The last two seasons have been disappointing for them.

According to Kevin Garnett, this current team is not a playoff material. Surprised by the daring statement, Pierce asked if they were a play-in one. Garnett simply said,

No way…I’m just seeing teams getting better than they were.

This straight-off statement by Garnett who was a 15-time NBA All-Star and won the NBA championship back in 2008 should give some concern.


Every team in the league has had a challenging season. Nevertheless, the Warriors’ acquisition of Chris Paul and Jordan Poole’s relocation did not have the anticipated beneficial impact. The fact that CP3 has missed games due to his injury has only made the team’s problems worse. The main issue is that their attempts to support Stephen Curry have not paid off.

Curry may be still displaying his offensive skills with an average of 29.1 ppg, but the big players like Wiggins and Thompson are not contributing as per the team’s expectations. Thompson who was named as one of the selections for an All-NBA team some time back has been experiencing quite a slump this year. Wiggins was expected to be a bigger contributor but he only has a shooting percentage of 26.7% from three-point range.

Is Kevin Garnett right about the Warriors?

Figures reveal an alarming trend for a team like the Warriors who mostly rely on their best players’ collective performance to win games. The current NBA environment is highly competitive and one-dimensional strategies are often not enough. If the Warriors have any chance of winning the Western Conference this year, the Warriors will need to take significant steps toward improvement.

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors (Image via Twitter)

Things can always during the season. Kevin Garnett’s critical analysis stresses how necessary it is for Warrior to fix its problems without any delay. The team has a lot of work ahead, under the leadership of head coach Steve Kerr. Kerr & Co. must devise ways to integrate some fresh players to revive the winning essence which was evident in the team’s prior championing runs. There is still hope for the Golden State Warriors but, they must work together, change their tactics, and the leaders should make a comeback. Scrutiny raised following the comments of Garnett could serve as a reminder for a former basketball league’s most renowned team.


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