“Going to dedicate a son to Kobe” – Kevin Garnett makes STUNNING commitment to honor Kobe Bryant

Kevin Garnett hopes to pay a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

“Going to dedicate a son to Kobe” – Kevin Garnett makes STUNNING commitment to honor Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett (Credits: The Boston Celtics and Silver Screen and Roll)

Nearly four years have passed since the tragic helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven other people. The sports world has never completely recovered. His fellow players continue to grieve for him, and one of his fiercest opponents, Kevin Garnett, declared that if given the opportunity, he would pay the ultimate tribute to Bryant.

The legendary player for the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett, has always expressed his admiration and respect for his former opponent. Garnett aspires to eventually show more respect for the late Lakers legend. In a recent interview with “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Garnett discussed how Bryant and he had the same killer mentality when playing basketball. Because of this mentality, he claimed to be a huge fan of the former MVP.


This is what Kevin Garnett said

When we hit that floor, he knew what it was, and I loved him for it. I'm gonna have a son someday. I don't know when and where, but I'm gonna dedicate a son to Kobe, man. 
Kevin Garnett via The Stephen A. Smith Show

Following their high school graduation, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant joined the NBA and went on to have lengthy, storied careers that included some historic matchups. Garnett and his ex-wife, Brandi Padilla, are parents to two children. But they are both daughters, Capri and Kavalli. It’s unclear if the 47-year-old will one day give birth to a son that he can dedicate to Bryant.

Kevin Garnett believes there is a good chance the NBA will expand internationally

NBA globalization is something Kevin Garnett believed remains very likely. In order to get a sense of the situation on the home court, he kept an eye on the events in other leagues.


Additionally, he believed that NBA players hope to make a lot of money by drawing on a global following. The NBA is welcoming more than just an immense number of international players. There are rumors that the league is open to foreign investment in both the league and its franchises.

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett (Credits: Bleacher Report)

Sportscasters Stephen A. Smith and Garnett had to talk about this potential game-changer when Garnett was on the show. KG cited LIV Golf as an example and Saudi Arabia’s resolute determination to establish its own sports leagues. This is what KG said:

I saw the numbers they threw out to Messi, I saw what they threw Mbappe. The Saudis jump in here and start making noise in the league bro that’s gonna change a lot. 

The rumor created is ablaze with rumors that the NBA is accepting foreign investment. Garnett says that could be highly profitable for the players. They claim that Gulf team owners are welcome to join the NBA.


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