“We was in a real life gang-banging” – Kevin Garnett reveals true feelings about Ray Allen BETRAYING Celtics to join LeBron James in Miami

Garnett addresses his beef with former teammate Ray Allen over joining the Miami Heat.

“We was in a real life gang-banging” – Kevin Garnett reveals true feelings about Ray Allen BETRAYING Celtics to join LeBron James in Miami

Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett for the Boston Celtics (via Sports Illustrated).

The former Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett recently made an appearance on the Stephen A. Smith Show. On the podcast, Garnett revealed his opinion on his former teammate Ray Allen‘s then-shocking move to play for the Miami Heat. Ray Allen was a part of the big three of the Boston Celtics including Garnett and Paul Pierce.

The big three of the Boston Celtics were the sole reason behind the 2008 NBA championship until Ray Allen got traded to the Miami Heat. On account of the trade, Garnett expressed his distaste over Allen choosing Miami over the Celtics.


However, Allen was then part of the big three of the Heat, playing alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. With Allen taking a leave from the team, it left the Celtics out of the conversation to be a champion contender again.

Kevin Garnett said,

We was in a real-life gang-banging league- When we was knee-deep in the battle with Miami, that was real, none of that was fake ever, NOTHING!-We down in the playoff series with these guys, bro was down here looking at cribs- You already knew that was on the table, the option to come down here.

Garnett, in the interview with Stephen A., addressed his beef and opened about his feelings about the issue. What hurt the former Celtics legend was the fact that Allen chose to go with a team with whom the team had an obvious rivalry. Understandably, Garnett refused to greet Allen after his trade.


Kevin Garnett insists fans accept the new young talent in the league

Kevin Garnett made an appearance on Stephen A Smith’s podcast where amongst the other things spoken about, the former Celtics legend spoke about how the NBA fans are still stuck in the past and are comparing the young players who are currently in the league to one of the greatest in history of the sport.

Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett (via Sports Illustrated)

Garnett threw light on the dynamics of the league with the new generation of talent and claims that the fans are missing out on exceptional performances and that he insists they accept it.

Garnett in the podcast expressed,

The problem I think with today is that we're so hung up on yesteryear, the culture, the history that built the league, that we're missing out on greatness right in front of us--LeBron James is 38 years old, doing something we ain't never seen. We've got a 7-foot-6 Frenchman in the leaggue. He nutmegged a guard. We gotta get off this.

Garnett asserts that the fanbase should let go of the era of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and comparing it with the current ones. He claims that there is a whole new level of the game that has evolved since time has passed and that players like Steph Curry are redefining the game of basketball.

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