“The say I be running around…” Patrick Beverly silences haters after showing off impressive defensive stats

Patrick Beverley's impactful NBA career is marked by exceptional defensive skills.

“The say I be running around…” Patrick Beverly silences haters after showing off impressive defensive stats

Patrick Beverley (via NBA)

Throughout his NBA career, Patrick Beverley has carved a niche as a defensive force, earning recognition on three separate occasions with All-Defense team honors. Despite this, critics have often labeled him as nothing more than a vocal role player. Some argue that Beverley lacks the individual stats to support his claims. However, recent online revelations of defensive stats challenge these criticisms. The veteran from the Philadelphia 76ers, known for his polarizing style, took to social media to showcase the value he brings to an NBA team beyond just trash-talking and vocal leadership.

Now with the Philadelphia 76ers, Patrick Beverley remains a defensive stalwart, showcasing his prowess in on-ball defense during the early stages of the season. Opponents have recorded a 37.7% shooting accuracy from the field and a 28.2% success rate from three-point range when Beverley is their primary defender.


Addressing skeptics, the seasoned guard took to social media to share these defensive statistics, emphasizing his impact beyond conventional box score metrics. The reposted tweet underscores Beverley’s ability to significantly lower opponents’ shooting percentages when he guards them, challenging any doubts about his contributions. At 35, Beverley stands firm, proudly highlighting his defensive prowess and making a statement about his valuable role with the Sixers.

🤫 they say I be running around. @PatBevPod

Patrick Beverley’s impactful NBA career is marked by exceptional defensive skills, exemplified in a recent standout performance with the Philadelphia 76ers. His defensive prowess in a fourth-quarter comeback against the Cleveland Cavaliers, including a crucial offensive rebound and a go-ahead floater, earned praise from head coach Nick Nurse. Beverley’s dedication to defensive excellence and leadership, often overlooked in traditional statistics, is fundamental to his team’s success.

Analyzing Patrick Beverley’s NBA defensive stats

Transitioning through six NBA teams, Patrick Beverley consistently injects a unique style of play into each roster. Despite not gaining acclaim for prolific offensive contributions, he actively underscores his value with career averages of 8.5 points, 3.4 assists, and 4.2 rebounds per game across 593 appearances. This emphasis goes beyond traditional scoring metrics, highlighting how Beverley’s distinctive playing style actively continues to make a notable impact on the teams he joins.

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley (Credits: Sports Illustrated)

While his numbers don’t put him in the same category as the legendary Bill Russell or Chris Paul, his ability to shackle other team’s offensive players, his vocal leadership, and his position play are vital to all the teams he has played for. His ability to play in various defensive positions and put his

In a compelling display, Patrick Beverley delivered an impressive performance against the Los Angeles Lakers, contributing significantly to the offensive team’s play in a commanding 138-94 victory with 12 points, six rebounds, and 3 assists. Looking ahead, Beverley and the Philadelphia 76ers are set for a challenging matchup as they prepare to face the New Orleans Pelicans in their upcoming game.

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