“Sit there watching cartoons all day,” Dennis Rodman used to sneak in Carmen Electra into $6 Billion worth Mark Cuban’s guest house

Cuban highlighted how it was like to have Dennis Rodman on your team as a owner.

“Sit there watching cartoons all day,” Dennis Rodman used to sneak in Carmen Electra into $6 Billion worth Mark Cuban’s guest house

(L) Mark Cuban, (R) Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman (Image Credits: Business Insider /Hiptoro)

During an open discussion on the ‘Showtime Basketball’ YouTube channel’s ALL THE SMOKE recent episode, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recalled a special occasion involving NBA great Dennis Rodman in his brief tenure with the organization. The conversation flowed because co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson were eager to hear the inside scoop.

Curious about the rumor that Rodman stayed at Mark Cuban’s guest house, the hosts dug into Rodman’s stint with the Mavericks. The billionaire affirmed the humorous account, claiming to have spent ten or two weeks there.


When Cuban spoke further about Rodman’s unusual visit, the conversation took an amusing turn. Cuban laughed as he said that it was during that time that Rodman had lost his driver’s license. The billionaire also added that Rodman never passed up the chance to let Carmen Electra inside his home covertly.

He’d sneak Carmen Electra through the back door into the guest house.

Rodman’s everyday activities during his visit were vividly depicted in Cuban’s story, he claimed,

Rod would come up to my house, and he would just sit there watching cartoons all day for real.

The image of the enigmatic Dennis Rodman, known for his fierce rebounding skills on the court, leisurely watching cartoons added a touch of humor to the tale.


Mark Cuban credits Dennis Rodman for teaching him PR

The topic of the decision to add Rodman to the team came up, and Cuban explained that the Mavericks’ difficulties grabbing rebounds prompted a team vote. An affirmative vote was secured by Rodman’s reputation as a superb rebounder; nevertheless, the story took an amusing turn when Rodman squared up against Chris Webber in a Sacramento game.

As Cuban remembered, Rodman was teasing Webber and even dared him to take a shot, rather than protecting him. The Dallas Mavericks players were taken aback when Webber made the jumper in response. The humorous incident, which concluded Rodman’s time with the Mavericks, brought to light the legendary basketball player’s unpredictable personality.

Mark Cuban and Dennis Rodman
Mark Cuban and Dennis Rodman (Image Credits – Basquet Plus)

While Cuban had some interesting stories about Rodman, surprisingly he also admitted of learning some business anecdotes from the multiple NBA titles winner.

I learned more from Dennis Rodman about PR marketing than I did in any MBA class or anything I’ve ever done. The man was a master of marketing. D-Rod was a machine, he knew exactly what he was doing.

The Mavs owner was surprised at how the former superstar of the league handled the media and the fans. His constant reinvention to keep his marketing machine running is what fascinated Cuban the mos.

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