Did LeBron James call Josh Giddey ‘EVIL’ on Instagram? Fact-checking viral social media post 

Fact-checking an alleged post by a LeBron James parody account.

Did LeBron James call Josh Giddey ‘EVIL’ on Instagram? Fact-checking viral social media post 

LeBron James and Josh Giddey (via NBA)

In a recent social media trend, a headline featuring LeBron James and Josh Giddey started making rounds. The headline claimed that LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers star, referred to Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder as ‘EVIL’ on Instagram. However, a closer look reveals that the statement attributed to James originated from a parody account, casting doubt on the accuracy of the viral post.


On closer inspection, it turns out that the fake account spreading the negative remark has a lot of differences when compared to LeBron James’s verified account on Instagram. The most noticeable disparity is the username of both accounts.

LeBron James’ real Instagram account, “kingjames,” has that blue verification checkmark, but the parody just goes by “LeBron” without it. The accounts have a big follower gap as well – 159 million on the real account versus 1.1 million on the parody. A quick search confirms the legit account didn’t say anything about Josh Giddey.

LeBron James has showered praise on the Australian star, hailing him as “a really good man” and a “beautiful player” in the past. Given this positive history, there seems to be no conceivable reason why LeBron would suddenly launch an attack on a player as impressive as Giddey.


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Josh Giddey scandal: Latest update on OKC star’s pedophilia allegations

The NBA has initiated an investigation into Oklahoma City Thunder Shooting guard Josh Giddey following accusations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor. Despite the ongoing inquiry, Giddey was given the green light to play against the Philadelphia 76ers. Notably, his team has chosen to refrain from taking any action while the investigation unfolds.

Josh Giddey LeBron James
Josh Giddey (via X)

When asked on Friday, he said:

I understand the question obviously. But there's no further comment right now.
Josh Giddey via media appearance.

Connected to the ongoing NBA investigation, Josh Giddey’s response appears intertwined with the unfolding circumstances. Additionally, his Australian coach travels to the States to visit him and other Australian basketball players, showing solidarity as they prepare for the Olympic Games.


He is averaging 12.1 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 4.8 assists for the Oklahoma City Thunders this season. Recently, in the Thunders’ 123-127 defeat to the 76ers, he came up with 10 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds in 26 minutes of gameplay.

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