Josh Giddey’s NBA career in HUGE jeopardy as league opens investigation into pedophilia allegations

Josh Giddey told the reporters that he didn't want any comments.

Josh Giddey’s NBA career in HUGE jeopardy as league opens investigation into pedophilia allegations

Thunder's Josh Giddey (via SB Nation)

Josh Giddey is in his third season playing in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder. A player on the rise, Giddey has helped his team to second place in the loaded Western Conference. Something though, is about to change.


Josh Giddey has recently been caught in a scandal involving a minor. When Liv Cook confirmed her relationship with Giddey on social media, the whole world sought to understand if all of Cook was of consensual age. The legal age for consensual relationships in Oklahoma State is 16. Cook being a high schooler, threw doubts into the wind.

Having a sexual relationship with a minor is a serious crime. Punishment can be anywhere between 1 to 15 years in prison. The NBA has started investigating the matter as the league does not take such problems lightly. Pedophilia is a serious crime that the league does not want to associate with. As reported by Shams Charania of The Athletic.

If found guilty, Josh Giddey can see his NBA career come to a halt. The league long before had to deal with pedophilia with Karl Malone. But that was in the age with no social or digital media. Times have changed. This accusation can have a lasting impact on the image of the league and the Oklahoma City Thunder as a whole. It is highly doubtful that either of them would like Josh Giddey to continue playing for them if proven guilty.


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How has Giddey responded to the allegations

In the latest press conference, Giddey was asked about the allegations. His reply was clear as he answered:

I get the question guys, I completely understand you guys want to know about it but just for right now, I don’t have anything to say.
Josh Giddey replies to alleged accusations
Josh Giddey replies to alleged accusations (screengrab via X)

It seems he is sure of his situation and that he has not broken any laws whatsoever. That confidence might suggest he is not in the wrong. His head coach Mark Daigneault had a similar reaction. Suggesting they know more about it than the public.

But the league has to do its due diligence. After all it is a crime in question here. If found guilty, it could put the league, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the rest of the players in a bad position.


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